Jump into June Exercise Challenge 2021


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Aug 22, 2010
Welcome to the Jump into June Exercise Challenge! Let's swim our way around the world! This month we'll cool off virtually at the wonderful pools and water rides in WDW. With the summer heat setting in, it'll be great way to chill out after we work out! So, welcome back to our regulars, and welcome home to our newcomers! Let's make a splash together! Everyone will choose their own goal, we'll measure in minutes spent at the exercise of your choice. Here's a chart to help you dive in -
15 minutes/day = 450
20 minutes/day = 600
30 minutes/day = 900
45 minutes/day = 1350
1 hour/day = 1800

As the month goes on, we'll measure our progress as follows:

10% - Big Blue Pool Blue
25% - Doubloon Pool Orange
50% - Samawati Purple
75% - City of Cibola Yellow
90% - Lava Red
100% - Stormalong Bay Green

We'll begin officially on June 1st, but if you find us later in the month, please feel free to join in anyway! All are welcome!


BonnieF - 430/700
Raya - 6551100

Sophy1996 - 1400/1400
ljcrochet - 461 /400

PollyannaMom - 455/500
Statefan17 - 1582/1200
Elizabeth Smith - 755/750

Swissfamilyrobinson - 80/600
Twilight Sparkle - 2945/2500
Piglet1979 - 998/900

GGoofy1- 240/500

TEAM - 8041/12550. 64%
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Is it time for Food & Wine Yet??
Aug 22, 2010
Good morning all! I see lots of you are ready for a swim!

@ljcrochet, we're pulling for you! Stay strong!
@Raya, Stormalong is my favorite, too!

As the song says, June is bustin’ out all over! Let’s go swimming! After those hot, hot days in the parks, a good pool is the best way to literally chill out. We’ll be visiting some of the best swimming holes in the World.

Today, let’s head to the Big Blue Pool at Art of Animation. We’ll immerse ourselves in the undersea world of Finding Nemo. Splash alongside giant versions of Nemo, Crush, and other friends from the movie. The largest pool in WDW, it contains over 308,000 gallons of water!

Not ready for a dip? No worries! The Schoolyard Sprayground might do the trick with its pop-up jets and gushing water.

Ready for a snack? The Drop Off pool bar is nearby to quench your thirst and provide some yummy snacks.

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Is it just me or does Nemo look like he's in McDonald's French fries??☺


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Aug 22, 2010
The newest pool at WDW is at Disney’s Riviera Resort, creatively named the Riviera Pool. In keeping with the resort’s Mediterranean theme, this zero-entry pool features a slide that winds around an ancient looking tower. The kids will love it! The little ones can enjoy S’il Vous Play, an interactive water play area set among characters from Fantasia! Because, when we’re wearing our bathing suits, we all want to look at hippos ☺.
If some quiet time is in order, the Beau Soleil Pool is more likely to please, as it functions more like an adult pool.
There’s also a wonderful variety of refreshments - Bar Riva offers adult fare, while the gelato cart will make everyone happy. Prima Piatto is nearby and offers a quick service style menu.

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Aug 22, 2010
From the newest to one of the oldest pool in the world - let’s go to the Contemporary Resort.
We’ll have a choice of pools here, the main pool and a smaller, more adult-oriented pool which overlooks Bay Lake. While there isn’t any Disney theming to enjoy at these pools, the large
open water slide will certainly raise your pulse! Cabanas are also available to rent, adding a touch of luxury to your day.
Looking for a break from the pool? A variety of refreshments is available at the Sand Bar, just a short stroll away. Or, wander over to the beach - no swimming in the lake, of course, but it’d be nice to put your toes in the sand!
Need a little more excitement? Head to Sammy’s watercraft rentals and head out onto the lake!
While these aren’t the most themed pools in WDW, you’ll still have a great time!

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Apr 24, 2008
Good morning, everyone! I've upped my walking speed, which makes me thinking getting back on the treadmill will happen soon. I've missed the sense of accomplishment that comes from running long, but with the nice weather it's just so easy to walk on the trail.

Wednesday: 32 minutes
Thursday: 38 minutes