January Trip Report & Website!!!


Earning My Ears
Jan 26, 2002
A very fun website that, I hope, brings to life our recent January 5th seven day cruise on the Disney Magic!

Lots of pictures, tips and even a "Find The Mouse" game.

Feel free to ask questions and give comments. Hopefully, it is
helpful and fun.

See the site at:


The Kearbey Family.

1/02 Magic 7 Day
6/01 Beach Club
1/00 Caribbean Beach Resort/Magic 4 Day
8/99 Port Orleans
4/99 Caribbean Beach Resort
4/98 Coronado Springs
5/97 Caribbean Beach Resort
6/96 Off-Site
4/90 Off-Site
4/89 Off-Site
7/87 Off-Site
All I can say is WOW!!! I LOVE your trip report. I know that ya'll had a MAGICal time. I haven't got hubby talked into a cruise yet, but DD age 7.5 and I want to go SO bad!
Wow ! What a wonderful vacation.

I can't wait to go with my family in March !

Thanks for the report !
What a great trip report! I can't wait until our cruise in March!
Now that is a trip report! Six weeks from now we'll be on the Magic:D
FANTASTIC site!! What cute kids (OK, mom and dad too). I have sent the link to DH and DD and made it required reading/viewing before our June trip. Thanks so much!
Well, I didn't think I could get any more psyched for my trip. We are booked on the Feb. 16 Magic cruise. Your trip report is sooo impressive! Fantastic job. Will take your advice and prebook a rental car for St. Thomas.:cool: :sunny:
Thank you soooo much for sharing your site!

It is absolutely out of this world...and yes, I did get misty-eyed when I heard the horn!

You have a beautiful family. My favorite picture had to be of the before/after of your dessert...I laughed out loud!:D
LOVED! the report. I'm going to have my DH read it as well. I laughed out loud at your narration.

Makes me wish I was going on a 7 day...not to say 4 days at WDW followed by a 4 day Wonder cruise is chopped liver. Just makes me look forward to my second Disney cruise!

Hey Eric, Julie, and Haley - I loved your site too!!

For those of us living vicariously through your trips, a few typed lines is all it takes to make us happy :-)

Keep the trip reports coming.
Excellent site -- my kids loved it and so did I. Thanks for all the hard work to let us relive our past cruise and dream of our upcoming one in March.
What an awesome web site!!!!!!!!! The set up, the photos and the trip report were all beautiful!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!
Great site and report! BTW, just curious, but what kind of competition was your daughter in and how did she do?

If they passed out awards for best trip report site ever made - you would get my vote. I felt I was back on the Magic again.

Great Job!


Magic 8/00
Wonder 12/01:pinkbounc
What an AWESOME website!! You must get so much joy out of looking at it anytime, anyplace! And think of all the joy you are bringing to those of us reliving our last Magical experience (5/26/01) and awaiting our next (6/22 Western)!!! I am so glad you all had such a great time!
Great site!

You take such good pictures--I was especially impressed by your shots inside the theaters during the shows.

Nice job!

She is on a junior cheerleading squad that was competing in a big competition at the Saavis Center (home of the NHL St. Louis Blues) in St. Louis.

Their squad is fairly new and finished third against teams from all over the midwest! About 13 teams competed. Everything worked out great.

Especially.....the cruise!!!!

What an awesome trip report and web site! Thank you so much for posting. I'm glad you and your family had such a great trip. I felt like I was reliving my last cruise again!



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