Jan. AP Discounts


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Oct 30, 1999
I am once again posting this to see if anyone has seen a list of these discounts. We do not need the hotel type, but were wondering about resturants, souveniors, etc.- Thanks! :cool:
I have not seen this information, but I believe that it is available in the Mickey Monitor - the newsletter for passholders.
If anyone can answer this we would really appreciate your help!


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From what I've heard,there are no longer any discounts at restuarants or anyplace else with your AP card. No more free desserts, free kids meals, discounts on mini golf or Hoop Dee Doo. I recently saw this posted on, I believe, the theme parks board. We're also going in Jan. and were disappointed to hear this new info.

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Thanks for the info. Looks like there are s till some meal discounts (free child meal or dessert). It appears that what was published in the Micky Monitor may not be a full list of the benefits. Looks like you can get a printout of all the benefits at a ticket counter.


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