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  1. BELLE16127

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    Mar 27, 2000
    From what they are showing on the news this morning it looks as if Ivan is going under Cuba and then up....so looks like the Gulf Side will get this one and maybe give the eastern side a chance to clean up a bit. My Daughter has been rescheduled for a flight back to Orlando to head back to University of Central Florida in Orlando on Wednesday...am hoping that Ivan won't have her "evacuated" from the campus AGAIN she stayed for Charly and came back to PA for Francis.
    We are heading to FL for the October 16 cruise and am just waiting to see where it will go.....
    Hope everyone in FL is well after this last storm and will keep my fingers crossed that Ivan will not be an issue for Fl at all....GOOD LUCK
  2. cjsmith

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    Dec 4, 2000
    The problem is that not all of the east coast has cleaned up from Charley and then got hit again with Francis. Let's hope it goes way far away from all of Florida, I'm sure how much more our state can take!

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