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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by feistyblue, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Two weeks ago I got in touch with a guide that I was talking to last year and asked to go ahead with my DVC purchase direct from Disney and on finance. I am from the UK and as I was planning to go to WDW in May, it was decided that they would process the application as if it were a cash buy-in and then when I get there in May, I will go and pay the deposit/down payment and closing costs. They will then rip up the cash contract and get a new finance contract printed and I will sign and start to make the monthly payments upon my return to the UK and after closing.

    All fine and good with me.

    I was on vacation at the time this was all being sorted out, so I was using my cell to call the U.S which wasn't brilliant and although I had asked to buy in to SSR the guide said he has to sell me AKV. I got the free points deal as well. I didn't really think at the time, and as I said, was on my cell and the line wasn't brilliant. He also said he could only sell December UY. So I've used my 2011 points and borrowed from my 2012 points to book my vacation for next month.

    I really want to change my home resort to SSR. I love SSR and whilst I am aware that 7 month availability is usually very good there, I just don't want to own at AKV.

    If I email my guide and ask to change my home resort to SSR do you think this will be possible for them to do bearing in mind my situation and the way that everything has been set up so far.
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    It sounds like you have already purchased if you have a reservation you used your points for. I'm not sure how you could have done that if you haven't already signed the paperwork. A confusing sounding situation though. I would say that you need to call your guide. They will not (or most likely will not) discuss any of this with you by e-mail.

    But if you are already closed on a contract, you can't change your resort.

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    It doesn't sound like you've paid anything or signed anything, correct? If true I don't know why they wouldn't be able to change your resort as long as they have points available at SSR in the UY you want. It will take some reworking on the reservation so they may try and convince you not to because of that but there shouldn't be an other reason they couldn't.

    It's a very unique sounding situation for certain!
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    Cancel everything and Buy SSR on the resale market for $50 per point or less. Disney financing is fast and easy, but it is 11% and you have to pay A LOT more for the points. I'd pay a little more for the convienience but not double.
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    Agreed even if you have to pay cash for your trip next month.

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