Is there a shuttle service to WDW from Tampa Airport?


Did I say that out loud?
Apr 14, 2003
My parents let me know this last week that they had not made their plane ressies yet and we were leaving in 2 weeks. They live in Mexico. Flights were pretty much gone into MCO, so they had to book to fly into Tampa. I booked a car for them (intermediate size) for $121 for the 8 days. They hadn't planned on spending that much. Is there a shuttle service like Mears that is maybe cheaper?
If there is a shuttle service between Tampa and WDW, it would be VERY expensive!! Since drive time is over an hour I'd stick with the rental car!!

HTH!!! :teeth:
Happy Limo charges $100 R/T from Orlando and $320 R/T from Tampa. If there were a shuttle service it would cost at least twice as much as Mears charges from Orlando. Your rental car rate is the way to go. You might save a few dollars if you booked two one way rentals and dropped the car off at Disney.


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