IOA-best day to visit?


"Oh! That's very different. Never mind!" Rosean
Jan 25, 2001
Taking one day from WDW to do IOA at DS &DD insistance. Out of thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday which would be the least crowded?
I believe Thursday would be the best day - the weekends get very busy.:)
Sunday is about as slow as it gets at Universal parks. Sundays and Mondays are generally pretty empty. If you can't do Sunday, try for Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays are almost always packed, so avoid those.

i think that if you know what your doing at the parks- you really can handel any crowed! thought it is nice to have no wait and no fuss

definately thursday!
i was just there on a thursday & it was great!
just get there at opening!
we waited in no lines at all. however it did get busier the later it got.


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