Inspired by Monosgrande ~ Top 10 Things to take to Disney!

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Jacoby 46, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Jacoby 46

    Jacoby 46 Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

    Aug 10, 2008
    I know Monosgrande asked what 10 different things you take, but what are the "must haves" that you take every single time? We are leaving in a week and haven't been for over 4 years, so what are the things I should definitely take. You know those "Glad I packed this stuff" moments!! :lmao:

    Thanks in advance!! :)
  2. here757

    here757 DIS Veteran

    Jan 25, 2007
    1. toothbrush -obvious reasons LOL
    2. sneakers -confort mostly
    3. snacks - because im a budget-er and hate spending extra
    4. cellphone- i got family :)
    5. the kids- because i would never hear the end of it!
    6.extra underwear for my son-hopely this wont be necessary.. hes older
    7. the extra big purse- cuz im the mom an i carry everyones everything
    8. tylenol-cuz the kids LOL
    9. ambien cr- cuz i cant sleep without it
    10. the car.. cant get around orlando without it!
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  4. pearlieq

    pearlieq <font color=green>They can sit & spin<br><font col

    Aug 3, 2004
    Rental car confirmation and the Visa. Everything else can be obtained at Target!

    Every trip it seems I pack a little lighter. Pretty soon it's just going to be some drawers in a ziploc bag...
  5. here757

    here757 DIS Veteran

    Jan 25, 2007
    Every trip it seems I pack a little lighter. Pretty soon it's just going to be some drawers in a ziploc bag...[/QUOTE]

    LOL bring two bags.. one for clean and one for dirty :rotfl2:
  6. Marshay

    Marshay I'm Goofy for Mickey. Don't worry if you get a bi

    Jan 28, 2007
    Ok, I'll go beyond the obvious of clothes and toiletries. Here is my list, no particular order.

    1 - Electronic equipment
    (Camera, Cell Phone, Laptop (to offload the pics), Palm, batteries, photocard, Chargers, power strip)

    2 - Itinerary
    (ADR and Confirmation #, Park Opening/Closing/EMH, Special events)

    3 - Pre-Addressed Address Labels and Stamps
    (will purchase Disney postcards and send to cousins, nephews and even my own DD)

    4 - Light up Stuff
    (Glo necklaces, Light-up toys, etc -- much cheaper than buying in the park and we have many at home already)

    5 - LGMH
    (and other decorations for room, stroller and backpack)

    6 - ID Cards and Coupons
    (DVC card, Photo ID, Disney VISA and Rewards Card, AAA card, Health Insurance card, any coupons for local stores I may visit)

    7 - Over the Door Roll-up Bag
    (has lots of compartments to put toiletries or cards or whatever in and leaves more room on the countertop ... also keeps things out of my DD3's reach that she shouldn't have)

    8 - Small "appliances"
    (Nightlight, pull-down showerhead --makes getting DD's shower a LOT easier when you can pull it down to rinse, also it's a massager one that is great for sore shoulders/back, small flashlight)

    9 - Ziploc Bags
    (all sizes -- for snacks, wet clothes, protect papers)

    10 - Entertainment
    (trivia cards, books, autograph book, coloring book/crayons, notepad)
  7. monosgrande

    monosgrande On The Eighth Day God Created The Mouse

    Mar 20, 2005
    I can't remember the last time I inspired someone. Don't believe me, ask my eighth grade Lang. Arts classes. :)
    -Airline info
    -WDW reservations (restaurants and hotel)
    -shoes (worn in)
    -"The Unofficial Guide too Walt Disney World", or as we refer to it, The Mickey Bible.
    -way to many clothes
    -prayer that I don't run into current or former students, even though I always do, every single time.
  8. bluesaturn

    bluesaturn DIS Veteran

    Feb 6, 2007
    Our own ponchos from the dollar store (2 for each member of the family for 4 days). The smartest thing we ever did, we went in July and used them every single day multiple times.
  9. hambirg

    hambirg <font color=blue>Has tooted quietly in church<font

    Oct 24, 2003
    I second the ponchos! I can't leave without them.

    let's see

    #2 camera and lots of extra batteries
    #3 ziploc bags. . .quart, gallon and the great 2 gallon size
    #4 water sandals for the pool and water parks
    #5 peanut butter
    #6 instant oatmeal packets
    #7 sunscreen
    #8 an umbrella stroller (probably don't need it anymore, my youngest is 8, but it was still a godsend when she was 5. . .even the 7 yr old rode in it sometimes)
    #9 park maps marked with what order we plan to hit the rides
    #10 a really good backpack
  10. Dannielle_1

    Dannielle_1 Mouseketeer

    Feb 1, 2000
    I am with you on this. I'm always thinking about what I can cut out.

    Things I don't think will ever be cut:

    - 6x9 Manilla Envelope - to put all my receipts in
    - Laminated Card with dining reservations - fits in my wallet
    - LLBean Hanging Toiletry Bag
    - Tiny Bottle of Dish Detergent (<1oz.) - to wash refillable mugs or in room glasses
    - Baby Wipes - I currently need them for DS, but use them for so much else, I think I'll probably always have a ziploc with some from now on.
    - Ziplock Bags - a few in varying sizes
    - Digital camera w/ Extra Batteries & SD Cards
    - Wallet Size First Aid Kit - coin purse I put a few bandaids, a pill box & a couple of blister pack medications
    - Housekeeping Tip Envelopes - so convient to have ready to go & just set out each day
  11. reelmom

    reelmom DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2006
    Don't forget to write down customer service phone numbers for your credit cards,debit cards, cell phones.etc. If you happen to lose them, you will be able to call as soon as you find them missing. Could save you a lot of headaches and money.
  12. pezheadmeg

    pezheadmeg feminsit turned fashion student

    Apr 23, 2006
    Might as well put down the normal stuff :rotfl:

    1. Surge Protector--between the laptop and mulitple cell-phones it's a must
    2. Hoodie, even in August it can be freezing in the a/c
    3. Soap for the room
    4. Clothes
    5. Advil, bandaids, and neosporin
    6. Snacks for the room, including a couple airplane bottles of liquor
    7. Multiple bags, simply because I'm that type of girl. I used 3 different ones on a 6 day trip. One big, one medium, and one small. :rotfl:
    8. The Blackberry with all the ADRs already in it
    9. Extra pair of flip-flops, though it didn't keep me from having to still buy a pair in the MK when my well broken in ones meant slipping and sliding in the rain
    10. Poncho, Target has Columbia rain-suits on clearance, so I'm using one of those this year.
  13. Mom23Disneybelievers

    Mom23Disneybelievers DIS Veteran

    Nov 25, 2008
    dollarstore rain ponchos
    beach bag (for pool time)
    water bottles (refillable)
    mini first aid kit and mini sewing kit
    cell phone and CHARGER
    swim diapers (if it applies)
    regular camera,and disposable cameras for kids to use
    the entire medicine travel sizes. If you don't bring it will end up needing it.
  14. magicmom2007

    magicmom2007 Earning My Ears

    Jun 21, 2006
    1. Electronics (laptop, cameras, phones, DS, iPods, camcorder, chargers and a powerstrip)
    2. Gloves (the cheap knit ones you can find really easily right now for $1.40 for 2 pair...we go in January and sometimes they really make you more comfortable in the cold mornings and evenings)
    3. Ibuprofin for headaches
    4. Visa Disney Rewards Card
    5. Notecards with my daily plan and info on them such as EMH info, ADR times and confirmation numbers, parade times
    6. Pop Tarts for quick morning breakfasts for the kids
    7. Coke Zero to stock the fridge because I can't live without it
    8. Birthday cards, balloons and gifts because we always go during my middle child's birthday (just always works out that way)
    9. Extra batteries and memory cards
    10. Trading pins
  15. mel63

    mel63 Mouseketeer

    Nov 3, 2004
    Take one set of warm clothes. We went Jan 2005. Flew out of Pittsburgh. It is cold up here in the winter. But the day we left it was 73. So we left our winter coats, hats and gloves in the car. DH was worried about taking too much. Not bad, as we used off-site parking, where they shuttle you and have your car washed and warmed up when you get back. Wore Jeans, and jacket down to Fla. It was 78 in Orlando when we got there. Kids swam etc. Next day, daughter had to play in tournament in WDW sports complex. It rained and was about 40 degrees the whole time she played.:eek: Freeze warnings at night!:scared1: Bought extra sweatshirts, gloves, hats etc. Washed and wore the same clothes every day. Stayed off-site, and had a W & D. It slowly got warmer as the week went on. The day we flew out it was back to 75.

    Anytime I have ever listened to DH about not needing to take warm clothes, we HAVE needed them. The one year I didn't take warm clothes for a vacation at the beach in August, we ended up needing them! If I do take them, then I won't need them. :lmao: Plus the few times I have been able to go to my daughter's soccer tournaments, other parents know to pack warm clothes. Cold weather follows me. :lmao: It doesn't matter if it is July.
  16. Kimberly Hill

    Kimberly Hill DIS Veteran

    Mar 2, 2008
    1. Body Glide
    2. TGM plans for our stay
    3. DH-the-travel-agent's signature spreadsheet of info
    4. broken-in New Balance tennies
    5. Land's End Day Tripper diaper bag (discontinued) which is the perfect day bag
    6. iPhone to feed Facebook addiction and let DD play with the MK, Epcot, and DLand apps while in line
    7. dollar store ponchos - never used 'em, knock wood
    8. DD's Nemo fanny pack
    9. Disney gummy snacks (Princess, Cars, Nemo, etc.) - WDW is the only time DD gets them, LOL!
    10. MacBook Pro - need to do a little work (and catch up on the DIS) while we're there

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