Insect Repellant in September


Earning My Ears
Dec 19, 2000

Am I going to need to bring insect repellant in September. I have not been to Florida since I was a small child so I have no clue about what the insects are like.

Thank you!
HI! When we went in July 2000, we brought it but didn't use it. I would suggest bringing it along as a precaution. If you need it you will have it.
I'd bring it - I've been at various times in the year - and I don't see a particular pattern to the bugs - I only know that sometimes they are bad (and you'll be very glad you have the repellant) and sometimes they're not.
The only bugs I ever remember are the love bugs (2 bugs attached). I don't believe that they bite, they are a lot of them and they are just annoying. No need for bug spray. :)


May 11-17 1994
Sept 7-15 1999
Sept 2-16
*****Sept 7-17 2001****

One year we stayed on site from August 25 to September 3 and the mosquitoes were biting. Of course I got bit the most because mosquitoes love me!! The were particularly bad the night we went to Hoop-de-doo revue.



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