Important note re Gift Card deal- save your receipts!

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    Dec 31, 2004
    Had a minor, opposite-of-pixie-dust (what do we call that btw???) episode today.

    Used our $200 gift card from the 4/3 deal last night at Planet Hollywood (had really good food-we were pleasantly surprised by the burgers and spinach salad- and a great deal with the voucher!). Used it again at Y&Y tonight and we were stunned at our new balance, which was considerably lower than it should have been.

    Immediately called the card people. After we figured out that PH had deducted the cost of our meal twice, I was told I needed to find my receipt and have a CM confirm that my previous balance was as I stated.
    Fortunately the receipt was in the car, and we went back to a now-closed AK and asked the CM working the gate to verify the amount and time of the bill.

    So- I was told that a lot of guests lose their cards and saving the receipts could save the remaining value of the card. Without that, they can't do anything. So- don't keep the receipts with the card.

    Just a friendly little public service announcement.

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