if you were a guest where would you like to stay?

if you were a guest where would you like to stay?

  • allstar movies resort?

  • pop century?

  • caribbean beach resort?

  • port orleans riverside?

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disney bride 32106
Feb 12, 2004
hi there dis brides & grooms. we are paying for our guests rooms during our wdw wedding this march march 18-22 (for our parents & wedding party) and then march 19-22 (for our guests). right now we are planning on booking all their rooms at the allstar movies resort (which is also on our std's which we mailed out on our own in april) now i am second guessing wondering if asmo is to much disneyana? where would you as a guest rather stay the allstar movies resort, pop century, caribbean beach or port orleans riverside? (alittle over half our guests have never been to wdw/onsite while others have gone many times)


<font color=red>I'll be back mrFDNY. I have my ey
Jun 30, 2004
your paying for all the rooms?could i be in the wedding party i look great in a tux. oh please i don't mind staying at pop as long as your paying.all kidding around i have to say pop and the all stars are fine since your paying the bill.it depends on what time of the year, but those other resorts can cost you alot. depends on how many rooms you will be paying for. i think a value resort is fine.anyway whose gonna complain someone else is paying the bill you. congrats on your up comming wedding and have fun!! i 'll send you my tux measurments if you want :earboy2:

Firefly Girl

Disney Wedding Princess
Jan 25, 2004
I would rather stay at POR, but hey if you're paying you should do what's best for you finacially!


Merrily on our way to nowhere in particular
Sep 4, 2004
As a guest, I would prefer to stay at POR. That said, in your poll I chose POP since you guys are footing the bill. If it were me that was one of your guests, I'd be happy staying in ANY of those resorts, really. I think it's fine if you set them up in a Value vs. a Moderate. And since not everyone is Disney crazy (like us :earboy2: ), I chose the POP. Because it's fun, without being too Disney (if there is such a thing) for those that aren't really that in to it, and it's the newest of the value resorts.

A lot of people on your poll will likely pick one of the moderates as they themselves wouldn't choose to stay in a value if someone else was paying. So you're probably not going to get a true result considering the circumstances. JMHO.

HTH :earsgirl:


DIS Veteran
Dec 20, 2004
I agree with all of the above...I would rather stay at POR but if you were paying, I'd stay anywhere. A lot of my guests are very excited to be staying at ASM. A lot requested the Pop Century--but you can't get an FTW discount on that...


<font color=#FF0066>Disney Bride!<br><font color=v
Jan 21, 2000
I think Pop Century is a great choice (actually, they are all great choices), but I agree with the others that you should do what is best for you financially. I don't think anyone will complain--it is incredibly generous of you to foot the bill.


DIS Veteran
Mar 1, 2005
We are actually thinking about the same thing. I want all my friends and family to be there and since I REALLY want it in wdw and that could be pricey for some people we have decided to pay for 3 nights of their hotel!

We were thinking the same thing- moderate or value :confused3 but we think it will be POP! This is the reason: Yes every one would love Por or whatever but we don't want to have to skimp on any thing else in order to do that. We put ourselves in the guests shoes and said...hey if someone else we paying we would stay ANYWHERE :Pinkbounc on property lol!!! So we decided a value was fine and would perfer to have a nice welcome dinner etc.....of course the guest will pay for airflight and park tickets! Congratulationsand good luck!


Wife, Mom, Teacher
Jun 22, 2004
Although I am not a fan of POFQ, with it being a smaller resort with a lot of fans, I would suggest this resort to give your guests.


<font color=red>OOH - I think I've finally figured
May 12, 2005
If someone were paying for my stay, I would stay wherever they paid for. Seriously, I think the ASM would be fine!!!


Disney fan since birth. Loves things all Tinker Be
Sep 22, 2003
we had ASMo as a choice and mostly everyone stayed there. we had so much fun at ASMo. I requested the toy story buildings for our guests to stay at because i'm such a fan of the movie. i had no idea that the toy story buildings are so close to the food court. great location and great hotel.


DIS Veteran
Mar 27, 2000
Personally, my favorite moderate/value resort is All Star Music. I find it to be much more relaxed and peaceful than Movies or POP. We're actually staying at Music next week for our own planning session!


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