If you live far from Disney...

Which of these best describes how you feel

  • I wish I lived a couple hours from Disney World so I could take short road trips.

  • I wish I lived right near Disney World.

  • I wish I lived INSIDE Disney World!

  • I'd rather stay far away. It makes it all the more special when I visit.

Results are only viewable after voting.


Perpetually Earning my Ears
Feb 26, 2005
I'm afraid the magic would fizzle if it wasn't such a special treat for me. Plus I lived in North Carolina for awhile and between the summer heat and humidity and the hurricanes, I'll keep my cold winters and lilacs tyvm :goodvibes


Jun 12, 2003
I'll live inside Disney, thank you very much! Can you imagine waking up every morning to the sight of Cinderella castle? :earseek:


DIS Veteran
Mar 1, 2000
I voted that I'd like to live near Disney so I could take more short trips. Actually that's only half true. Although I'd like to be able to go more often I really don't want to live in Florida. I like the seasonal change and mountain views right here.


Wild about Disney
Feb 4, 2001
I agree - I don't think this northern girl could hack the weather but it would be nice if Disney could magically get closer every once in awhile so I could take a quick road trip! :wizard:


Brendita is gone, Jo. is here!
Jan 25, 2005
I voted lived in WDW.
1 day say it again 1 day.
A small motorhome & my


Brendita is gone, Jo. is here!
Jan 25, 2005
Sorry I didn't get to finish my post :cat: walked on my keyboard.
Just me & my :cat:


I am not a robot
Nov 16, 2003
I voted inside Disney. I tell my husband I want to retire there all the time. He thinks I am kidding, I'm not. :earboy2: 6 months in Disneyland, 3 months in WDW (I can't take the weather year round), 3 months traveling the world. Perfect. I just need to win a large lotto. :rolleyes1

I lived in Southern California, had AP's for 8 years straight. Went at least weekly. Never ever got burnt out on Disney. :goodvibes Now I live in Texas, so I am right inbetween WDW and DL. If I have to be far from Disney, inbetween works for me. :flower:


Disney is not only a place but a state of mind. Th
Feb 21, 2005
I have thought about this seriously before and I have said to others that if I thought for a minute that I could get a good enough job to be able to pay all the bills, I would move down to Celebration in a moments notice. I have some family nearby so I wouldn't be alone and it would give my family a reason to come and visit. Since I live less than 5 miles away from my parents, they never come over. Oh well!

17 day dance :cool1: :banana: :cool1: :cheer2:


DIS Veteran
May 16, 2000
Since I can't live IN WDW, really..... I used to want to live in Orlando, but I'm not sure if I want to live in the midst of the city. I would love to live within a 4-6 hour drive,maximum, somewhere nice & warm year-round & preferably on the water, Florida or not.....
Then I could have the best of both worlds.....


<font color=deeppink>I just can't stop visiting th
Nov 10, 2004
:sunny: I voted to live near Disney, we will be moving down in about two years. Our best friends made the move last year after there DD got out of school. We will be moving after our DD gets out of high school. :sunny: I love the weather and of course love DW too :banana: :banana:


DIS Veteran
Mar 18, 2004
I voted I would stay where I am at. I love having the lakes around me in MI. Plus it does make my trips more special and magical.

Now all I need is one of those teleporter things like the Jetsons have so I can teleport myself down there whenever I want to and still live here :)


<font color=darkcoral>Ever thought you had a great
Jul 4, 2004
I wish I lived right near Disney World...so I could go whenever I wanted! But I want to still have my 4 seasons with leaves falling, snow and all that good stuff....so I guess that wouldn't really work would it? :teeth:


<font color=blue>OK, I must have really small ears
May 13, 2000
I voted that I want to live within a 2-3 hour drive from WDW. We actually almost moved to Tampa last year, but then decided that with two little kids, it would be better to wait a few more years. We just bought an expensive house in New Jersey, so I figure we'll stay put and enjoy for 7-10 years. Then, before my kids get to high school, I think we'll reconsider moving to Tampa. So that's about 11 years since my son will be 3 in August. My home should appreciate signifcantly by then ;).


DIS Veteran
Apr 3, 2002
I'd love to live within a 4-6 hour drive from WDW. Close enough to get there in one day, but far enough away to keep the experience magical. Once a month or so I mention moving to Florida to DH and he says great, I hope you like it there! I'm afraid I'll never get him out of Texas, but I plan to work on it when the kids are grown!


<font color=green>We'll remember when...<br><font
May 13, 2001
Prior to my sister becoming a snowbird and buying a place 50 minutes away from WDW, I would have said I would like to live very close to Disney during the winter months.. Now I can just spend a few winter months with her and still spend the summers in the mountains in upstate NY.. The best of both worlds! :flower:

However, my months in Florida won't be "all" about Disney.. I'm already making lists of other areas I would like to see while I'm there.. There's SO much to see and do down there - much of it free - and I can't wait to experience it all! :)


DIS Veteran
Feb 16, 2005
Where's the option for:
I want to stay where I am, but have a lot more money and free time so we can visit WDW several times per year. :)

After visiting, I don't really want to live in FL. Before our trip, I was already looking for a new job, but after our trip, I started looking at jobs on the east coast where you could drive to Orlando in a day or less. Being able to drive instead of fly would make it much more affordable for a family of 6.


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