If today were the last day of your life...


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Apr 10, 2003
What would you do?

I thought of this question because I was thinking of an old high school friend who died in a car accident whan he was eighteen. I wondered, if he had known, what would he have done different?

Anyway, I would first make a video for all my friends and loved ones telling them goodbye, and anything I had to say.

I'd then head straight to Disney. I'd get a room at the Wilderness Lodge (yes I know this is my last day and I likely wouldn't need it but maybe I would.) I think I'd go ahead and get the Yosemite suite, or whatever the really big one is called.

Then I'd spend all day at the Mk. I'd eat a bunch of those Mickey ice cream bars. i'd ride Thunder Mountain at least a thousand times. Take lots of photos of me enjoying my last day.

Then I'd shop on Main St, and surprise strangers with the stuff I bought.

Eat an awesome meal at V&A's. Watch the fireworks at the end of the night, then head to DTD just for the heck of it. Maybe lay under the stars on the beach by the Swan/Dolphin.

Then be sure to tell my husband how much I love him and that he should do whateber makes him happy. Spend some quality time with him.

Sorry for the morbid post, but what would you do?


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Jul 25, 2003
I would write to my kin explaining how much they meant to me.

I would drink LOTS and no woman would be safe


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Apr 10, 2003
Oh I thought of something else...

I'd call my ex-boyfriend who really hurt me and tell him what I really think of him.


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Feb 16, 2004
Id smoke a cigarette first.....quit over a year and a half ago

then Id grab my son and wife and go somewhere....preferably to a Phish show.

eating lots of tacos along the way


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May 8, 2002
Buy a ga-zillion dollar life insurance policy with Wifey as the beneficiary, then I'd rent a Ferrari in her name and harass every g-string I could find. :D


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Apr 29, 2001
Oh wow this is weird. But oh so compelling. I guess I would hold onto my children and husband and tell them how much I love them and would watch over them. Charge up my credit card that is only in my name and give them all that stuff. Hope my niece was waiting for me when I cross over.

Lynn CC

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Aug 25, 1999
Yup, a day at Disney with my closest family sounds like a GREAT last day to me too!


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Feb 2, 2004
I would fly all my family to Japan so that we could spend time together, talk about the "good old days" as they call it, and spend time with my other family in Japan. Tell them how much they mean to me and what type of an impact they had on my life. After we would all go out and do something we all enjoyed.


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Nov 17, 2001
Stiff, I just had this discussion with someone last night! It has been a little over 12 years and ahhhh yes a good cigarette would make me very happy, lol!


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Sep 12, 2000
Well, I probably would have to drop all my debates on the debate board, and get off of this darn computer!


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Aug 11, 2000
I would write a letter to my son and seal it with a note not to open it until he's older. I would send a few emails and letters to certain people. I would then hop in the car and drive to the Ozarks with DH and DS.

Bob NC

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Mar 3, 2000
I live every day like it's my last!!!!

I whimper and cry a lot.


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Dec 15, 1998
<font color=navy>I've had that quote in my signature before. :)

If I had only one more day to spend on Earth, I would go to Yosemite with my rascals, and just enjoy the time there with them.


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Feb 8, 2001
My girls and I would spend the day at Disney, of course!


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Jan 30, 2001
Originally posted by Mary Jo
<font color=navy>I've had that quote in my signature before. :)

If I had only one more day to spend on Earth, I would go to Yosemite with my rascals, and just enjoy the time there with them.

MJ, never knew anyone else to call them, their "rascals"... that is always how SSB refers to his.

Hrrmmmm... good question.

There is a wonderful book by Mitch Albom called "Tuesdays with Morrie", about his conversations with a dieing man. One great thing that Morrie speaks of, is a culture where a person asks each morning, "Little bird, is this my day?". A nice reminder that each day can be your last, and to live and love fully.

All that said, have still not answered the question.. .haha!

Er, um... as I live her at Disney, not sure that would be it...

Think that it would be a day spent outside, playing full speed with my three rascals, living and loving them very, very much. (as I plan to do on Saturday). Nothing different, and no regrets.


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Jan 5, 2002
I would gather my love ones and I would make sure that they knew that the Lord had a purpose for my life...that He has a purpose for my death being when it is. As they go on in their lives on earth, they may even come to know what that purpsose was and be able to share it with others as a testimony.

I would want them to know that I will be happy to be with my Father in heaven and that I will see them again and hold them again in a happier time than we will ever know on this earth. That they should go on and live their lives for the Lord in happiness, that it's okay to grieve, but it's only a temporary grief.

I would tell them to share their faith and story with as many as they can and to love many and be happy.

I would then spend the time with them sharing stories and talking and loving as much as we could.

Always remembering that I'll see them again :)


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Jan 14, 2003
I would take everyone that was important to me to the MK. Can't think of a better way to spend my last day on earth than there with everyone that I care for.


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