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    Aug 25, 2000
    The sun eventually came out in earnest about 10:00.The snorkeling area, by that time, was getting crowded. You should definitely make that the first thing you do after getting settled. Once all that sand starts getting kicked up, it gets harder to see fish and you have to go out further to do it. DH got yelled at by a lifeguard for going under water in the snorkeling area. Apparently they want everyone to remain floating on top where they can see you.DH,mister principal AND lifeguard, getting reprimanded-I had to laugh. DS switched from tube to float and then found some friends to splash around with. I was very content to just lay there ,people watch, take in the beautiful scenery and gorgeous weather.It felt like paradise. It was sooooo relaxing. You could have drink orders taken, but I was using the bottle of water I filled before leaving the ship and was putting off getting Konk Koolers till later, because I knew the combo of heat and liquor would knock me out. I didn't want to pass out till later in the day!!! DH& DS had discussed taking out a kayak or sailboat,but they were having so much fun in the water, those plans seemed to have fallen by the wayside(besides,DH owns a kayak and it's something he can do back home,so he chose to play in the water with DS). I was feeling like a lump, just lying there and I got the urge to check out the shops. Most of my energy is in the morning, with my fatigue setting in after 2:00,so it was 11:30 and now or never to go for a walk. I think the buffet was getting under way also, so people were heading out of the water and towards those great aromas wafting from the big hut.Erica and I walked to the post office,as we wanted to make sure we got our souvenier stamps and mailed postcards to ourselves and friends who would appreciate their origin. They only take cash here, so I was prepared with singles and change. I think it was 55 cents for a regular postcard and double for a bigger postcard. It only took a minute. Do it early-don't find yourself walking back to the ship and passing the post office when it's closed. We went onto the shop, and I have to say, I loved the designs of the t-shirts there. I liked them better than the ones on the ship.I bought the one of Mickey holding a surfboard and staring off into the distance-nice color blue-really cool design. It was hard not to buy everyone that I saw,but I had already decided we were coming back here,(May 11th !!),so I could put off my power buying until next trip. I also bought some magnets,a neat looking shot glass,shirt for DS and a few pins(I only started getting into pin collecting on this cruise). By the time we got back to the beach, it was 12:30 and lunchtime. I couldn't wait,as I love barbecues!!!! We found a short line(all the way to the right) and it looked and smelled great. We piled on the food,found a table and dug in. Goofy was doing the Macarena and people were dancing on the tables!! It was a fun free for all. Stephan, our head waiter, was there making sure everyone was happy and everywhere he walked, there were always 3 or 4 workers tagging along behind him. Stephan had that place running like a well oiled machine. We remarked that sitting there, in this big hut, at these picnic tables, we felt like it was parents visiting day at summer camp. It was a really neat feeling. Even lunch was fun.Ribs, chicken,hot dogs, hamburgers,beans,cole slaw,potato salad,cookies,fruit salad-all very good. We all loved the food.What more can you say when even eating is an experience!DS went over to the Monstro digging area,and made fossil casts and had a great time. I had been planning all day, on attending the last bingo game , but when it came down to the wire, I wanted to stay on the beach that extra half hour. I guess that's what Disney hopes for-to start pulling you back from the beach a little earlier,that way they don't have to worry about stragglers and they get more Bingo revenue.I decided that was my time for a Konk Kooler and boy are they good!! After being on the beach for hours, they go down real smooth!!!The cup is a cross between being a neat souvenier and a neat TACKY souvenier!So we got two !!!! A big pink Konk Shell!! Oh, I almost forgot. While walking to the post office, there are a couple of photo op's.Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Donald stand in an area with the ship in the background. I got a picture of Minnie in between children hugging her. Saved about $10 right there. Goofy grabbed a childs football and took off down the walk. I was surprised at how fast he could run in those big shoes-he was really booking!! There's also a "caught a fish" area for pictures. The photographer wasn't allowed to take pictures of Erica and I with our cameras there, so we asked a passerby to. Saved a few more bucks.We headed back at 3:30, having had what felt like, a day in paradise. It really was relaxing and tons of fun.Keep applying that sunscreen-that tropical sun is unfiltered and the rays are very direct,add sun bouncing off the water, and it's a burning combination.By the way, we found out that the Bingo jackpot was the biggest EVER on the ship-$7,400- and it was won by ONE PERSON!!!!I figured even if I did go to Bingo, no way would I ever win that!!! It was a perfect day. Definitely a great way to end the day and the cruise.Oh,just so you know, you can order the Konk Kooler without the alcohol and it makes a neat fruity slush drink for the kids!!

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