Ideas for March Universal meets -- need feedback! (**updated info 1/11/01 -- please read!**)


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Aug 20, 1999
OK, since a lot of people are going to be at Universal in March during Molaki Gram's visit, I thought that we should have a meet on March 10 and 11. We can meet and hang out all day if need be, but the official meet times will be on those days.

How about these times?

March 10: 12 noon, in front of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center (the side facing the Great Inland Sea), IOA

March 11: 8:45 am, in front of Hard Rock Cafe, Citywalk

I will most likely be there from March 10 to 12. I maybe there on March 9 too, but I'm trying to figure out if I need to save days off for the DIS convention.

So what do you think?


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2:45 - 3 P.M. Sunday March 11 at the globe also?
Lotta folks might be checking for a glimpse on the webcams then.
We do the Pastamore breakfast quite often before the 9 A.M. Parks' openings also. Maybe a coffee meet there even.
And let's not forget the magic happy hours at 3 P.M. virtually everywhere at USF !
Hey Barry...what do ya mean "if need be"??? I'm looking forward to riding those coasters with you!! And it better be before lunch! <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> But seriously...whatever everyone decides is fine with me. As long as I am in the parks I am a happy camper! I do happen to like the happy hour suggestion by h2ojag ;)

Now let me see, five hours difference - that would mean that Barry is suggesting we meet at3:45 AM!!! and that means I have to get up to get ready at ???? ;)

Just kidding, we leave here actually in February and I hope we will be able to adjust to the time difference by then.

Yes, Barry you have to go on the coasters with me too! DH was all for it until he watched the tapes you sent and he saw that the Dragons had no floors and then he saw the Hulk ride up he is trying to talk me out of it. (Chicken?)

I want to meet everyone! . And I am getting into shape - no, that is not correct, my shape is beyond getting into and would take more work and time than we have left, but I am building stamina! :)
Barry, whatever everyone decides is fine by me too!! Meeting around noon on Saturday sounds reasonable to me. I'm not sure I am familiar with "the side facing the Great Inland Sea", but I'm sure I can figure it out.

Those of us staying at the HRH could meet earlier perhaps somewhere at the hotel.

Again, if all goes well, we'll be there Friday evening (the 9th) and leave late on Sunday (9-ish).
If we all get our Hard Rock membership in time we can have a meal at Hard Rock Cafe and use our $10.Or we could even meet there for a few drinks.


If you havent adjusted or like to sleep in do it! We can meet whenever you like :D This is a vacation afterall. You tell us what works for you.I would love to spend the day touring the parks and riding the rides together if everyone is up for that. I think it would be a blast! This is all in honor of your trip anyway so you call the shots! I am just so happy to be able to meet you and everyone else that can attend. :D

Thanks for the feedback! I will figure out final meet dates and post them under Magic Meets. Is everyone old enough to drink? :)

MG, if your DH will not ride the coasters, he can wait in chicken, er, baby swap! :D


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
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Barry, where can I find the magic meets posts?
As far as being of age to drink...Can I use my fake I.D.?


Hey Guys,

We would love to meet up with yall!
Our Babes will be going to Camp HR Sat. nite (10th) while DH and I have a nice dinner at Citywalk or the likes. Perhaps we could meet some of you at a Happy Hour before dinner on Sat?

My DD is 9, my DS is 7. Are there a lot of kids coming? Would be great! Perhaps some of the kids will meet up at the Camp!

See ya soon!
No need to use fake ID JessicaR, I have extra years I can lend you. ;)

Don't worry, I will be too excited to sleep in. This is going to be fun. :D

Leaving for work now, maybe I can get home at lunch while you are still here to post. Otherwise, I will be back after 7 tonight (my time) when you are are asleep.

By the way, is it warming up in Florida?
And how are those of you in the north doing? Still snowing? What about that ice storm? Did it affect any of you? The pictures of those storms are almost fairy-like, but I know that are actually very treacherous. I hope you are all safe.

Aloha. :)
We're finally warming up it seems :). Today and tomorrow are still suppossed to be in the 60's all day but starting Friday and through the following weekend were suppossed to have highs in the mid 70's and lows in the upper 50's the whole time.

I'm sure it will be warm in March. One year in March in Orlando, it was kind of chilly in the early morning, but it warmed up fast. You won't need a parka, but do bring a sweater or windbreaker for the slightly windy nights.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
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Thanks for the magic meets page!
Yes Barry that was why I needed fake I.D!! :D Now where did I leave my cane... :rolleyes:

Guys, I am STILL thawing out from my January trip...

March is now a "maybe" for me because my son has a big test in March and I have a trip planned for May (you ARE going to THAT one aren't you, Barry?)

I'm planning a MOVE to Orlando in the near future. At least within the year. If I can arrange a transfer from my job I will be a Floridian!

In the meantime, I'VE GOT TO SAVE MY MONEY so have a happy coupla hours on me!


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I was thinking of moving to Orlando too in the future. I wonder why? :)

Does this mean we can have parties at Robin's house when we visit Orlando? :)


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards
Hi Valerie!
I'm bringing my kids. I have two sons ages 10 & 11 and they love IOA/UA and any sort of thrill ride/rollercoaster. They are just as excited about this trip as I am.

Have your kids been there yet?

My kids generally get along with most kids. Maybe they hit it off?!

First the island girls, me from Molokai and Maria (JessicaR) from the Long one. And Linda (Lalalindica) from our nation's capitol; Valarie (Taff) from Tennesse. Then we have the Florida contingent: Barry, and maybe Jim (Jtopicz1); Rob (Loric); and H2OJAG. :)

Anyone else thinking of joining us? We are all very nice people and we will have lots of fun. ;)


PS Rob, I haven't heard anything on JP3, but will let you know when I do, if I do. :)
Add to that list possibly megsmom and family they have a 12 year old daughter. Sounds like the kids are all in the same age group! Ummm Donna think we need to start a new post?? LOL! Were all over th board! :D



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