I have converted my sister!!!!!!!!!!!


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Oct 30, 2004
For the longest time a have been trying to get my sister to take her kids to Disney. She was always dead sent against going. This past Sunday we all went out to eat. We started talking about our upcoming trip to Disney. She actually seemed interested this time in what I was saying. So I thought here's my chance. I asked if she would like to see the planning dvd. She said yes. I was floored!!! :earseek: We watched it together. By the end she was tearing up. She got on the phone and booked 7 nights at GF. I am so happy that I finally get to share the magic with my family. We are going at the same time but staying at different resorts. This will be wonderful. If she cried at the planning video imagine when she sees the look on her childrens faces the first time they see the castle. :sad: I so excited I had to share it with you guys. :banana: :banana: :banana:


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Sep 22, 2004
Congrats!! Thats fantastic I've been trying to convert my best friend for years... she just wont budge...cept for one time... when we graduated high school we went on the DCL for the 3 days in the park and 4 at sea but 3 days at the parks werent enough to fully convert someone who's dead set against Disney
I hope you guys have fun and that your sister will embrace the true spirt of disney!! :sunny:


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Feb 3, 2004
Yea!! I wish I could convert my husband! He just wants to go play golf somewhere. Too bad he is missing all the fun DD and I have! At least he is cool with us going without him! He rocks!


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Jun 7, 2004
That's great! :sunny: Thankfully, my parents, DH and kids love Disney. Some of our other family members still need to be converted though! :teeth:

Have a great trip!!! :goodvibes


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Aug 8, 2000
Now don't forget to turn her on to the disboards as well.:)


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