i have about 4409904 questions about the disney college program

Discussion in 'The College Board' started by Itsjen516, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Itsjen516

    Itsjen516 Earning My Ears

    Apr 18, 2011
    ok 1st of all hey im jen :) and this is my 1st time here
    i been looking into the disney college program for a while and i really wanna do it :woohoo:
    im in college right now with a GPA of 2.7 something :sad2: thing is im taking 2 remedial classes will this some how effect me getting into the program ?
    also i never had a real job other then volunteer work at a kids day care so im also scared that might effect my chances to get in :scared1:

    how tricky is the web based interview ?
    does EVERYONE who apply get the web based interview ?

    if i want to work in january when do i need to apply ?:confused:
    what are the possibility of getting in ?

    what work experince do you need

    what roles to they hire for

    if i just wanna work on hmm for example lets the the snow white ride would be the chance to land a role like that ?

    do you get days off cuz i herd people say "its all work and u never get days off its labor"

    for now thats all i can think off

    ohhh wich is better to apply for ? florida or cali
    i wanted cali just becasue the thought of living there made me happy but i hear florida is better :rolleyes1

    how easy is it to make friends ?
    and how crazy are parties ? im not much of a party person im more lame rock out in my room to taylor swift hahaha so parties can scare me lol
  2. WDW_lover_in_SC

    WDW_lover_in_SC DIS Veteran

    Feb 24, 2010
    Here we go...running the gauntlet!

    1 No your GPA/Classes don't matter as far as I know. It simply says for you to be enrolled in a college taking one class.

    2 Yes everyone has to take and pass the web based interview. It's easy or hard depending on your patience and ability to see small changes in questions.

    3 If you want to work in Jan apply this August (with me! :D) Not sure what the actual chances are haha

    4 None.

    5 There is a big list of roles you check of all the ones you're willing and able to work. The more the better.

    6 Attractions which is the role for rides is a role that does quite a bit of hiring each semester. To work on a specific ride is low. To work in the Attractions role...you have a shot!

    7 You get 2 days off week generally but this can change due to crowds and time of the year. You sign saying you can work 7 days a week for how ever long they want you too. (Full Availability) But you get days off.

    8 Florida does more hiring and has its own housing. But you can apply to both.:thumbsup2
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  4. EEYORE :]

    EEYORE :] Earning My Ears

    Dec 27, 2010
    You're GPA won't effect Disney accepting you; however, you're school may have a different policy.

    Not everyone passes the web interview. Make sure you answer how a disney cast member would answer and keep your answers consistent

    To start for Spring semester, you can apply in august i think

    About work experience, stay honest in your phone interview. Talk about everything including volunteer experience and things like that.

    Check wdwcollegeprogram.com for the different roles.

    The snow white ride is part of the attractions role. In your interview you can request a location, but it is not guaranteed.

    And you are guaranteed 2 days off during non peak seasons and one day off during peak (unless you want to pick up shifts of course)

    I heard DLR is harder to get into bc they accept a significant smaller amount of people than WDW. Also idk if this makes a difference to you or not but at DLR you are required to take Disney courses during your program.

    Hope this helps and Good Luck!
  5. disneymegs

    disneymegs Mouseketeer

    Mar 21, 2010
    Some people with less than a 2.0 have gotten in. First, check with you school to see if January is a good time for you to go and if you could possibly receive credit for the program. Kids day care is great. You may want to pick a role with high interaction with the younger guests. (I did Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and that's about the highest interaction with kids you can get). The web based interview is a lot of the same questions asked in different ways. Be consistent with your answers and don't let the questions time out! Look on the website for a list of roles, it's long! Apply soon for sure. To work on Snow White's Scary Adventure, you would be accepted into the Attractions role. You could request Magic Kingdom Fantasyland, but you could end up at Peter Pans Flight or Dumbo. You don't know your exact location til check in. Most CP's get one or two days a week off and they're consistent days when it's not too busy. If it's peak season, it's all up in the air!
  6. disdude89

    disdude89 Everything i say is a lie

    Apr 17, 2011
    As for you GPA it all depends on your school, i think most schools only require that you be in good academic standing which is usually only a 2.0

    Not having a real job might hurt you a bit but the fact that you do volunteer work makes up for it. Make sure you mention you worked with little kids!

    The web based interview is easy. Most people tell you to just be yourself, which'll work most of the time but what they're really looking for at that point of the interview is consistency in your answers. You'll see when you take it that a lot of the questions are the same but worded differently, you just need to make sure you give the same general answers to the same general questions and make sure you have a positive attitude and you'll do fine.

    Idk if you really need work experience but I'm not a recruiter so i couldn't tell you.

    The roles they hire for at disney world can be found here on the disney college program website

    If you want a specific role you have to request it during your phone interview. Even then it's not guaranteed that you'll get it but it's more likely you'll be put in the general vicinity (or so i hear).

    I haven't done the program yet but i've heard its alot of hard work with long hours which isn't really a bad thing. From what i hear most of the jobs are actually enjoyable so it all depends on your attitude i guess... i know im looking forward to it haha

    That's really all i can tell you. Just stay positive and keep your chin up. Everyone i know that's done it says it's a great experience and that they'd love to do it again.

    Best of luck to you! and hopefully i'll see you down there!
  7. autie689

    autie689 Earning My Ears

    Apr 2, 2009
    I'll try my swing at this. :)

    1.) I haven't had to do the web based interview.

    2.) If you have taken the web based interview in the past year (or maybe 6 months) then you don't have to. You being a first timer would have to take it.

    3.) I heard this year, the applications for January won't be until September.

    4.) A couple thousand people will apply for your program probably and the number they accept changes every time. It changes because they don't know what labor they will need and how many people will extend their program from the fall.

    5.) Work experience helps a TON, especially anything dealing with customer service. I would DEFINITELY get a job before you apply. It can only help your chances.

    6.) Roles are listed on the website, but they are subject to change. I know the Concierge position comes and goes.

    7.) Snow White is paired with Dumbo I believe, so if you somehow got that role, you would work Dumbo as well. If you are accepted, you can request an area, but with attractions, its tricky. If you request Snow White, they will mark down Fantasyland on your file, but you could be placed anywhere in Fantasyland because that is decided by the managers of that area.

    8.) You will get at least one day off a week during peak seasons, and probably two days off during non-peak seasons. Keep in mind that these days off will probably be during the week and not always together. Also, peak season isn't just the summer.

    9.) Here's a couple of facts about Florida and California:

    Florida: $300 to go, the entire WDW resort to play in, ability to pick up shifts, free bus transportation, more people to meet, minimum wage for most roles

    California: $850ish to go, smaller resort but the original so that's cool, no more than 30 hours a week (somewhere around that), you have to pay union fees, transportation is not run just with Disney so you have to leave for work SUPER early and it's not free, pay is $9-$10 an hour

    There are pros and cons to both places, but in my opinion, Florida has more pros than California.

    10.) Yes! There are sooo many people walking around that you will make tons of friends. As long as you don't sit in your room all the time and if you're nice to people!

    11.) Parties are everywhere (yes, even in Chatham and Patterson). Vista Way has the party reputation, so normally people who want to party go there. I would try for Patterson Court if you want to stay away from parties, but keep in mind, it all depends on your neighbors.

    Hope this helps!
  8. NayNayMarie

    NayNayMarie Earning My Ears

    Nov 15, 2010
    The Snow White ride is closing down as part of the Fantasyland Expansion, it's going to be turned into a meeting area for the Princesses. Does anyone know when this is happening though? I was fond of that ride.
  9. WDW_lover_in_SC

    WDW_lover_in_SC DIS Veteran

    Feb 24, 2010
    Not sure but I think that person was just using it as an example.

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