I found a really cheap hotel!!!!


Earning My Ears
Apr 29, 2001
I know it's not disney property but i found a nice hotel with free disney transportation for, are you ready for this $35 a night it's at the Best Western eastgate. We were trying to decide if we would stay on property but by staying here we are saving $400 above disney's cheapest resort and on the last day there it is enabling us to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We are the type of people that simply use a room to sleep we are always on the go. On our last day we planned on laying by the pool and exploring the lodge.
We thought we had a GREAT deal at the Best Western we stayed at (I can't remember which one it was, but for all I know it could have been Eastgate). It was very close to the Florida Mall - we got $20 a night. We should have known different when we got there. To save an entire story from emerging, we could only stay there one night - the place was DISCUSTING!!!! Bugs everywhere and I couldn't believe how gross we felt in this place - I don't think they have ever done renovations to the place since the day they opened it probably the 70's. We thought we had a great deal, and was going to save some money, but we ended moving to a hotel on Int'l drive for $50 a night (we had an entertainment card) and we thought we were in heaven. Just be careful when you get a great deal like that on a hotel room without any discount codes or cards.


P.S. - we too only use a room to sleep in and the room was not sleepable.
Well it's not the same place this one is at disney eastgate far from florida mall i found a review of it on mouseplanet and have heard nothing but good things there is also a web site for the motel at floridakiss.com thanks so much tho for the information because if anybody were to get a bad motel it would be me and who knows perhaps i still will if need be we can afford a more expensive place so i guess it just means a bit of inconvience going to a new hotel but but i have to try i'm a sucker for a deal. Once again thanks for the heads up.:eek:
I just wanted to let you know that the advise you gave was taken we now have reservations at all star music for $49 a night all because i wasn't comfortable with what you said so thank you soo much.:pinkbounc

I definatly think you made the right choice! You can't beat staying on property! Its simply magical! We have stayed at the All Stars and love it there!! Have a Wonderful time!
Having great deals on such cheap hotels or motels is not always good, take it from me I learned my lesson the hard way, I got robbed in one of the hotels while going from my car to my room and it ruined the rest of my vacation. Security was nowhere to be found and it was at 5 pm. Since that incident security is a HUGE issue for me , if I don't feel safe I won't stay anywhere.
Funny thing is two years after the incident the famous hotel where I stayed and got robbed was portraid in Dateline with that problem along with other hotels , I almost fell off my chair that night!! Trust me , I got copies of incidents from the police department and they went from car theft to attempted murder and rape.
I have never had a problem staying on disney property and for my own peace of mind it's worth for me to pay extra, if I can't afford it , I simply won't go.


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