Hyatt and PAT


Your ghost host
Dec 1, 2020
We are staying at the Hyatt and our PAT is 10:30. But the only shuttle for the Hyatt guests is leaving at 10:30. Is it worth going over to the main DCL shuttles just to get there a little early?


Aug 30, 2021
That's surprising. In September, the Hyatt had two busses and the first one left at about 9:15am. I wonder why it's changed.


DIS Veteran
Oct 2, 2009
Last week the buses also did not leave until around 10:30 from the Hyatt (we were asked to check in between 930 and 945 for a 10:00 departure but of course some people were still arriving after 10:00 to check in which may have delayed things a few minutes ) I think that it is a new procedure. We were disappointed as well as we had read that booking the bus from the Hyatt would get us there much earlier. DCL assigned us a port arrival time of 1030 to 1045 but it was closer to 11:15 when we arrived at the terminal.

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  • Cheburashka

    DIS Veteran
    Dec 25, 2020
    I've decided to stay at WDW the night before my cruise instead of the Hyatt, partly because I want to get on the ship earlier.



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