love mickey

Earning My Ears
Oct 20, 2000
My wife and i just got back from Orlando. We stayed at the HRH in a club room for 3 nights and it was the best.They do not only serve wine and beer but mixed drinks and nice food the first night they had sub sandwiches cheese fruit and stuff.the second night they had jumbo shrimpwith fruit cheese and stuff and the third night they had prime rib etc.The hotel is the best and the POOL is this hotel... :) :)
Hello Love Mickey,
Thanks for posting about your positive club floor experience. We're staying 3 nights in a club room as well, 2/18-21. Did you run into the problem of the lounge running out of food? This was a concern of another DIS visitor. Glad you had fun!

Thanks for posting a great review of the Club lounge! We are getting super excited now...sounds fantastic!!

Gator Kate. We ,also, will be checking in on Sunday and staying thru Wednesday!!
Welcome back! Will you treat us to a trip report? I'd love to hear all the details. :D


Thanks for the post love mickey. I am now convinced that HRH is the place for my group and myself, it has recieved so many good reviews. I can't wait!


OK hear is my report on the resort and park.The hotel is first class.We got there real early and wanted to start to see universal so i went to the desk and told them that we had reservations for 3 days.It was 9am and check in was not till 3 but they found us a room.The rooms are very nice.They have a nice stereo/cd in the room and give you a nice cd with a best of on it for your room.If you want to you can use some of the cds from the club room.The pool is the best in Orlando they say and i believe them it is BIG.It is only a short walk to universal,citywalk or islands of adventure down a nice path or you can take the water taxi. The only thing i did not like about the hotel is the choice of restaurants.They have a PALM res at the hotel that is Very expensive and the grill on the lower level is high priced also.If you are going with kids it will cost you to eat at these and city walks is not much cheaper. Also park your own car Valet is $10 a day you can park it yourself for free.All the people in the hotel were first class and i would go back and stay there again in a minute. :)
Thanks for posting. I'm glad you had a positive experience.


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