How do you plan your days and ressies when the calendar doesn’t go as far as your trip


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Mar 31, 2007
Dec 10th booking
So that’s next Thursday yet calendar goes to Dec 3 so a bit confused.why wouldn’t the whole month calendar be up for planning so how do ya all figure out times to eat , where to eat if you don’t even know park hours and where ya might want to go according to the hours.
I don’t recall this happening for all the previous years I’ve planned, like 3 years ago

Any tips TIA
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I went to last years calendar to guess park times for this year and try to gauge EMH hours. The calendar will update at your 180 day date and every day after that. So at 180 days you won’t see the calendar for 180+3 for example.
No, the park hours have not been released yet. I am also waiting for them to be released for my December trip. It is so much easier to have them! I also don't recall it being such a delay either. What I am doing, is using the Touring Plans projected park hours to help guide my choices. Good luck!

I check Kenny the Pirate, and I think there are others but I can't remember. Usually accurate, or at least close enough to give me a lot of help.
I do agree that as long as DW is going to offer the 180+ 10, they should publish park hours 10 days before they are...if not before that. Makes no sense to have to guess or seek out other sources knowing even Disney says their official DW calendar is always subject to change, and often does change.
Hope you all are having a great weekend!


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