How do you like Animal Kingdom?


Earning My Ears
Feb 22, 2004
For my trip next weekend my mom says I can choose every place we visit. So yeah I haven't been there in like 8 years now and I've never been to Animal Kingdom. I hadn't planned on going there because I'm not into animals that much just rides and shows and such.

What do you all that have been there think of it?
I think it's worth checking out. We stayed away for a few years after it opened because it wasn't included with the passes we received from DVC. When we finally visited, we were pleased to discover something new. The Lion King Show and Tarzan Rocks are must sees, IMHO. Since I have young children, I have yet to see It's Tough To Be a Bug, but heard that's pretty good. Kilamonjaro Safari is pretty neat as well as Kali River Rapids (got drenched on this). Dinosaur is intense. Primeval Whirl looks like a Wild Mouse type ride. The afternoon parade is original and packed with energy/fun.

What's most beautiful to me in AK is the theming and landscaping. It's a nice park to walk around when it's not a hot and humid day! Hope you enjoy it if you decide to go!
I didn't think I would like AK but like everything Disney does it is exceptional. The Festival of the Lion King is surprising and energetic. The Safari ride is a must do.

I enjoyed myself much more than I expected. The Parade is delightful.
my family LOVES AK
couldn't imagine a trip to WDW without it

but i know not everyone likes it
if you have hopper passes you could try it and if it's not for you youcould hop to a different park

Lion King and Tarzan shows are GREAT
I really like AK, but then I do love animals. But there are other things to do there besides that. DH isn't htat thrilled with AK, but my kids like it. The festival of the Lion King show is our favorite show in all of Disney. It's tough to be a bug is really good. I went on Dinosaur for the first time last week and it was a wild ride. The Primeval Whirl Spin is like a wild mouse type roller coaster and is fun, you never know exactly when your car will start spinning like crazy. The river rapids is a fun ride, but be prepared to get soaked! We have usually done the things we wanted to in AK by mid afternoon and then go over to another park. So if you have the time, I think its worth checking out.
It's our #4 park at WDW. The good news is that you can go and hit the high points(as suggested by MulanMom) in about a half day. It's Tough To Be A Bug is my favorite(even moreso than Lion King). Also, if you don't get sopping wet on Kali River Rapids, it's a miracle. Go on a warm day, or take a change of clothes.:earsboy:

I love the Animal Kingdom. My favorite attraction is Kilimanjaro Safaris. I love seeing animals that I don't normally see. Dinosaur is a great ride. It's Tough to be a Bug is a great show as well. I wouldn't skip this park if I were you.

::MickeyMo Mickey76::MickeyMo
although I have found out that most folks either LOVE it or HATE it. I have been hearing from more and more recent (and first time visitors) that they love the AK more than some of the vets. I think that if you have younger kids and want to slow it down a bit, the AK is for you. And if you have never been there, you need to make at least one visit there.

::yes:: We love the AK! We also love the RainForest Cafe for lunch. It is right there on the AK property. Have fun.:bounce:
I'll be the voice of dissent. We tried it and we're skipping it next time. This is a unanimous decision (even the kids were somewhat bored). If you have plenty of time, then perhaps half a day but if your time is limited I wouldn't go out of my way to visit.
Have to say not my favourite park,though it has a couple of unmissable parts-namely It' tough to be a bug:Kali River Rapids:Dinosaur:Lion King- the safari is good but you have to be there early to catch the animals before they sleep!
The fact that WDW are building the Everest ride & have already opened the"fair" at Dinoland,they know that they are struggling to keep people in the park for longer than 1/2 a day.The last couple of times we have gone,we've watched the parade then hopped to Epcot to catch the bits we missed!
SD :teeth:
Agree -- not a favorite park. But one you would be kicking yourself later for missing.
The Dinosaur ride is great, as is KRR. Safari ride and TtbaB is good -- esp if you have not experienced these two.
Chester & Hesters -- if you are in a hurry could miss and not feel bad. I usually ride the small rollercoaster there and that's about it. And it always seems to be at least a 20 - 30 minute wait. Depending on your time frame, that can easily be crossed off a To Do list. It's just a fun, cute ride. Nothing exceptional.
Conservation Station -- if you are not into conservation and animals, you could easily skip. Takes longer to get there and back than it does to spend time there.
RFC is the best place to eat at DAK, I agree. The most pricey too, and not overly exceptional. (typical RFC) Good food. Just not exceptional. Not a first choice at WDW to eat.
Flame Tree is next best. But outdoor seating. If you want A/C -- stick with RFC.
Tusker House -- I have eaten there twice and won't bother again. Not horrible. Just okay. (shrug) Depends how hot, tired you are and your schedule/location. ;)
The fact that WDW are building the Everest ride & have already opened the"fair" at Dinoland

What is the 'fair' at Dinoland???? I'm going to the AK for the first time this year~~I haven't been to Disney since May 2000, but I'm really looking forward to AK. A friend of mine who has two kids ages 7 and 14 went to WDW last year and said that out of the four parks that the AK was their favorite one!!!
"The Fair".....
That is giving it more credit than what it really is. ;)
Small area .... carnival type ganes, that cost additional $ -- the small roller coaster ride and a Dumbo type ride, only with dinosaurs.
Built to look like a garish road side carnival.
Fun, but not something to get excited over.
Dino-Rama has "fair"-styled midway games etc. It is where primeval Whirl is located over near the Dinosaur atraction.

My feeling is AK is a must see, just like all the parks in WDW. Every park has a different feel, or atmosphere. I would go there just to see the "Festival of the Lion King". If you have never been there before I recommend...
- get there early and head straight back to Africa for the Kilamanjaro Safari
- Over to Dinoland for Dinosaur
- Fastpass ITTBAB
- Go to FOTLK (depending on show schedule)
- Also check the schedule for Tarzan.
- If you don't have other priorities at this point walk around the park and get the feel. Look for the talking tree, and the living vine. Once you get a feel pick the remainder of the attractions you want to see and do them, fastpassing where appropriate.
- See the Jammin Jungle Parade
- If everyone is ready to go, hop to another park to finish the day. If people are having fun go hit the rest of the attractions.

I don't expect every park to be MK. Each park has it's own unique feel and flavor. I like steak, but I also like Chicken Parmisean, and vegitarian stir fry. It's the same kind of deal. Our ideal schedule has two Magic Kingdom days, one EPCOT day, one Studios day, one Animal Kingdom day, and hop to EPCOT after the parade. But, that's just us. Maybe oxygen depravation makes us wierd in Colorado ;)
DW and I enjoy AK because it is different from the other parks.
To say one likes it more or less than others, (esp. less) would do AK a great disservice. To put a New Englander's spin on it, I like lobster and I like ice cream. Both are great, both are foods, but to compare the two is almost impossible.

AK is definitely more laid back, which is part of its charm.
Walking the trails and taking in the scenery are all part of the experience. If your main interest is rides then I would admit it is a half day park. However, the shows are fantastic. Tarzan really does Rock! ITTBAB is the best 3D movie on property, and the animals are great. Very few places where you can see mountain gorillas that close up. On my last visit they were literally inches away from the guests on the other side of the glass viewing area.
Very cool!

Our last trip was a group of four adults, and we did spend almost an entire day there (parK closes at 5pm remember) and that's without doing all the "kiddie" stuff.
I would say check it out for yourself. There are things at AK that are worth the trip alone. How long you decide to stay is totally up to you, but I wouldn't bypass it altogether. HAKUNA MATATA!
My first visit to AK last year was just okay. I am not big on animals. When I went back 6 months later I enjoyed it immensely. We got there early and avoided the mad rush to the Safari and really took time to appreciate the "feel". I can't wait to go again! Next time we will not be racing from ride to ride (although most are very enjoyable) we will just try to soak it all in.
.....also I am one of the few in the Universe who doen't like staying at AKL.
I love it. If it wasn't so hot, I'd spend more time there. I love the whole atmosphere, however to each it's own!
I'm probably not a good one to reply because I love it, but I love every park. I really don't compare them to one another. If all you want are rides, then MK wins hands down. I just love everything that's offered at all the parks from the rides, to the shows, to the sights, to the shops to the smallest of offerings DW has.
I'm also not the biggest fan. We're members of our local zoo, so we get to see elephants and giraffes and lions all the time. There's also a lot of walking. It is very spread out. That makes me feel like I have to rush around because it takes so long to get to the different locations.

I was not a big fan of the Lion King show. I jokingly refer to it as 20 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. My wife videotaped it, and she pulls it out to torture me.

It's Tough to be a Bug is great.


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