How do you get the entertainment rate?


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Jan 11, 2001
I have been reading about the entertainment rate. Can someone tell me how and where to get it. I would love to book a room with the prices that they give.

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You have to have an Entertainment card which you get from Happenings books, etc.......then you call the hotel and ask for the entertainment rate for your dates.............I believe there are no blackout dates for the Hard Rock, not sure about MUST show the card at checkin........good luck! If you dont have a card you can go to the site and order one.....
If you do buy an Entertainment book, I suggest that you buy the one for your city as you can then use all the coupons. You can check at to get a complete list of all hotels that participate in the 50% offer (that is where I found the HRH) as well as order a book for your area.


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