How big of a difference is category 1 vs. 2 at HDD?


Mar 11, 2010
We have category 2 reservations at our preferred time (6:15) and category 1 reservations at 8:30. Id really prefer the earlier time, but want great seats and interaction during the show. Is category 1 *that* much better than category 2? Is it worth staying up later for?


DIS Veteran
Jan 5, 2000
We were Cat. 1 at 8:30 a few weeks ago, and our table was in the 2nd row from the stage. However, during the part of the show when the performers came down, it seemed as though they went through the entire downstairs (there were only 2 tables upstairs, and I didn’t see any performers up there). We were in Cat. 2 some years ago, and other than being under the balcony (feeling sort of like in a cave) we had a great view, and I felt just as involved in the show as in Cat. 1.