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May 15, 2000
We are leaning towards booking a 2 bdr. at Vistana Village thru the hotelkingdom website. As I understand it, we will pay 10.90 per nite as a downpayment and be charged for 1 nite's stay when our ressie is confirmed. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get confirmation? Also, would like to hear about anyone's experience dealing with hotelkingdom - any unexpected fees or charges I should know about, how reliable they are, things like that. Thanks in advance!
Just used hotelkingdom to get a room at the Hard Rock on Sat April 21. No problems and I received my email confirmation within 24 hours. I will use them again If I need to.
I've used several times, and have been very satisfied with their service and rates.

Give them a try!
We just booked Vistana Villages through We received an e-mail confirmation within 24 hours. For the rates that hotelkingdom was charging compared to booking directly with the Vistana Villages, we are saving enough to pay for one airplane ticket. Hope everything goes well for all of us. I posted previously about book at V V through and received only positive remarks. :)

I have just made a deal with Vistana Village that I might regret---but I'm going to try anyway. We are staying at Vistana Villages for 10 nights----are receiving 2 disney tickets, a family pass to watermania (7 people) all for a little over $1000. However, according to a recent reply to my post below, I may have to practice the "no thank you!" several times before we take the required 90 minute tour. I sure hope the salemen aren't as "sharky" as the Westgate people. I have just fallen in love with the Vistana Village pictures---I just have to try it. I sure hope it's not a decision I regret later!
Thanks to all of you for your replies - I now feel a lot more comfortable about booking thru hotelkingdom. Tsapen, good luck with your arrangements - I hope it works out well for you. The possibility of dealing with high pressure sales people is one reason that we are still debating about trying a timeshare condo. When is your trip? Hope you'll post afterwards and let us know how it went.:D
We stayed at the Vistana Villages in October of last year. We also booked through Their service was great. We had no problems. I was nervous about booking online so I called their 800 number and booked that way. I received my email confirmation about 10 minutes after I got off the phone with them. I then called the V. V. to make sure they had the reservation and everything was fine.
The Villages themselves were great. I would definitely recommend them if you are thinking about staying there. As long as you didn't book through a timeshare deal, you don't have to go to the presentation. They called us once, asked if we were interested, we said no, and didn't hear from them again. No hassle at all.
Good Luck

Do you have any pictures of the Villages condos that you can post? Just want to see more than the 3 pictures on the Vistana main web-site. Also, are there any restaurants close to the villages or are they all farther up I-Drive? Thanks.
I just cancelled my V V reservation through HK yesterday - so I don't know for sure yet that everything cleared ok.
But HK seemed to handle it well.

One thing to note. I called V V first to cancel there. This is on the "how to cancel" instructions from HK. You should cancel with HK AND the hotel. But V V had no record of my reservation or confirm number. Hmmm. SO - do call V V yourself and make sure they have a record of your reservation. I suppose I should have done that as a matter of course. HK had the reservation on record, and told me that they'd be sending in the cancel papers and it should all be OK. They didn't know why V V had no record.

We didn't cancel because we don't like V V. But we went with Tropical Palms because we like the idea of being able to walk to all the cool stuff at Old Town, and the gator pond. The trip is really for the kids, and probably gators and Old Town will mean more to them then washer/dryer and whirlpool tub.
We used hotelkingdom on our tip last December and saved almost $250 on a five night stay. I never had any problems with any "extra chares" and received confirmation from them within 24 hours. I also called the hotel to confirm my reservation. Great service.
We just came back!! Made 2 reservations with hotel kingdom, went very smoothly and no problems at all. All our room requests were honored. We stayed at Vistana villages our first 5 nights... you will love it!! I wanna go back!!!!!!!!:bounce: :pinkbounc
I've used to book room in Orlando for the past three years. All transactions have gone smoothly and the prices were better than anything else offered (even through AAA, the hotels directly & other travel sites).


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