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Jul 27, 2000
if i wanted to visit hard rock or the other on-sight hotel while visiting universal for breakfast or dinner is there a charge and or time limit for parking there if you are staying off sight?

thanks for any info.
There is a charge for non-guests to use the hotels lot, it is an hourly charge and I'm unsure of the exact amount. Your other option is to use Universal's garages and walk to the hotels. The walk isn't bad at all. Universal's garages are $7 to park all day, however they are free if you enter after 7pm (or is it 6pm??)

Free after 6pm.

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I think it may even be free after 5 PM right now (with the early park closing times) ... but I could be wrong :)
You say you will be visiting Universal so I assume you would just park in the regular Universal lots ($7 a day). Then you can take the free motor launch from the dock in Citywalk to both HRH and PBH. Or you can walk; it's not that far.

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