Hilton Head Resort Pools...Brrrr

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Davey Crockett, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Davey Crockett

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    Feb 9, 2002
    Anyone has been to Hilton Head during the off season? We had a great time and enjoyed the peace and quite that Hilton Head has to offer during holiday season. The one concern we had had was with the swimming pools. The water was great if you were a polar bear. :cold: I asked one of the pool attendants, what temperature the pool was kept at and he replied 85 degrees. I can tell you that it was not. Then we visited the Beach House and check out the pool there. It was even colder than the Resort pool. The ocean was warmer. I called the front desk and asked how the water at the pool at Beach House was and was told it was around 85 degrees. I advised her I was here and it was not. Was placed on hold, she came back and said that the pool heater was broken and need a part. She affirmed me in her great Disney voice that it will be working tomorrow. The next day went to the Beach House and still ice cold. Ran into the pool guy and after talking to him got different answer that they did not need a part, they just could not keep the pilot light going. At the same time the propane truck was backing in. Asked him about that and no reply and he just walked away. Went back the next day our last before heading home. I was able to check the temperature of the pools. The Resort was at 76 degrees and the Beach House was 70 degrees. But they did kept the hot tub at the states regulated temperature of 104 degrees. That were I stayed the majority of my time. Feel bad for the kids. You would figure that this is a prime time to be at any of the Disney Resorts. That all amenities should be up to what they say there should be...

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