HHN 2022 Never Go Alone – Official Guest List


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Feb 23, 2012
Only one night this year...

October 26, 2022 (2 adults)
Public RIP tour 8PM
Staying at Portofino 10/23-10/30
May add another HHN admission
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Aug 3, 2016
September 18th - 1 person
Port Orleans Riverside
September 18th - 7:30 Public RIP tour

My first HHN! I did book once previously but a hurricane shut the park down. :(

I will be at Disney from the 17th-30th, but I'm only doing the 1 Universal HHN as the Starcruiser is taking up my $$$


Jul 19, 2010
Few changes to our details with this weeks announcements, have Rush of Fear for opening weekend, are doing Scareactor dining on 2nd September, Unmasking the Horror 6 house tour 3rd September and RIP 3rd September, staying at PBH


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May 29, 2013
Group of 7 going to WDW for 3 weeks in Sept. Staying in a few different resorts over that time period.

HHN night - 7 adults - 9/18 - 4 of the group will have HHN Express Passes, and we are all getting the Scream Early tickets.

Matt Morales

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May 4, 2019
September 3/ Party of 1
Royal Pacific
AP with ROF

I'll be doing some recon before returning with the family on September 4, but would love to meet up with someone.


September 16/ Party of 1
AP with ROF


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Apr 4, 2004
**Edited for slight change of plans: Adding a trip in September to use the free ticket.**

9/7 - 9/10 / @patster734/ 2Adults
Sapphire Falls
HHN - Thursday, Sept. 8
Premier AP free HHN ticket

10/1-10/8 / @patster734/ 4 Adults
Sapphire Falls
HHN - Wednesday, Oct. 5
Single night HHN ticket
Public RIP 8PM
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