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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by LMHB, Jul 14, 2004.

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    May 17, 2001
    We are not DVC members and are planning a trip withOUT the kids in September. We just made a reservation for a studio at HH...the phone operator was very surprised it was available, said she's never once booked it in a year! Anyway, are there any opinions out there as to whether or not this is a romantic/couples type vacation, or strictly for familes. We are thinking that in September, perhaps there won't be so many children. I love kids, love my own! But if I'm not bringing mine on vacation I don't really want to be TOO surrounded by other peoples', you know? There aren't many great pictures of HH online, and to me it resembles WL a little. Is there a restaurant which has a bar or is a little more "adult" in the hotel? Also, haven't seen any pictures of people actually ON the beach, all it shows it marsh. Can you actually swim there? We were not necessarily thinking "Disney"...since we are in SC after all, but the resort seems nice. Any recommendations for a location that would be suited to couples (probably not by the pool), or any appropriate activites for couples without children? Thanks in advance!
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    Feb 10, 2001
    I thought the same thing about kids and families in Sep. for a romantic getaway once. I was surprised at how many kids were around. It is not like during summer or spring break, but there will be plenty. the resort is inland on the marsh. The private beach house sits on a public beach about 1-2 miles away. It is easy to get to. No one can use the beach house but Disney guest, but the beach is all public. It is a wide beach and it will not be crowded. I love The Disney resort, but for a romantic getaway at HHI, I would go with the Westin. The cash rate you got might be close to the Westin. We were DVC members at HHI for 5-6 years before we had a child. So you can have a romantic getaway there. Its just that it always feels like a family place and we always left wanting a baby. Now we have one, and we can not wait to go back with him every time. There is no restaurant at Disney's HHI or a bar. Only a snack bar at the resort and at the beach house a snack bar and a Frozen Drink bar that will get you Adult bev. by the pool. Not a romantic evening bar. That is for the Westin. (and it is on the beach.)

    Romantic things to do at Disney's HHI
    lay out on the topless side of the beach house pool deck
    walk along the boat pier and the beach during sunset.
    Watch the sun set over by the canoes or the 2 chairs behind the lodge building (thats a secret spot)
    Dinner at the nice restaurants on the Island such as
    Alexanders (as for a patio seat)
    old fort pub etc. etc. (Chef Gordon Email me to say the Private Affair dinner is not during Sep.)
    Horse back riding in Sea Pines (A big group ride though)
    Sail on the Schooner Welcome for the sunset cruise.
    If you had a 1 bedroom unit you could enjoy the two person jetted tub, and the very large bouncy King size bed:Pinkbounc :bounce:

    ps. I was joking about the topless side at the pool. I'm not sure if that is even allowed in South Carolina much less Disney.

    I'll be there in Sep. with my baby and his grandparents too.
    He is the cute 1 year old that will be in the pool.:wave:
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    Aug 14, 1998
    We've been to HH many times without children along and the resort and area is certainly welcoming to couples.

    There are few studios at the resort (only 21) and most are found in buildings 11 and 12 - which comprise the lodge area. The other five a located beneath a GV in other areas of the resort.

    Our preference for a studio would be an upper floor in the Live Oak Lodge with a marsh view. We've seen otters, dolphin and even manatee right from our balcony in that area.

    The resort is not on the beach- it's built on an island in Broad Creek, a tidal marsh that supports all sorts of wildlife. The resort does have a Beach House on the beach with shuttle transportation during the day. It's about a mile from the resort.

    There are no restaurants at the resort ( a couple of snack bars though), but there are several nice restaurants with bars within walking distance across the bridge- less than 200 yards away.

    For a special evening, the resort does offer "A Private Affair" which is a private dining experience created by Chef Gordon for your group. This has only one seating each evening it's offered (it's not a nightly event) and MUST be reserved in advance. The resort can provide information if you want to call ahead. Right now it is booked thru Thanksgiving unless someone cancels.

    There are over 300 restaurants on HH and many nice activities available for adults at the resort. The staff is wonderful and very accommodating to all. September will have fewer families at the resort, but is still popular at that time of year.

  5. Desperado

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    Mar 22, 2002
    Wow! I had no idea. Sounds great.
  6. Tommy

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Might I also offer the idea of a dinner cruise (several available) for a romantic evening. Walks along the beach are always a nice way to share time, and give you time to talk without cell phones, TV's or radios.

    The spa can be a nice way to spend the evening...usually is not crowded while campfire or other kid-type activities are going on.

    My one problem with a studio is that it does not have the big jacuzzi tub.

    I second Doc's idea of the top floor of Live Oak Lodge. They have nice balconies and you can sit and rock or just enjoy the view.

    My wife and I have been going to HHI since 1998 without kids, were even married there on the pier at the beach house at sunset - that was romantic.
  7. lsutigger2

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    Jul 21, 2002
    Thanks for the link to your great site! When I have more time and it is closer to planning for that HH trip, I'm going to look at everything!!
  8. mikesmom

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    May 25, 2000
    We just spent our 10th anniversary at HH, obviously without kids. There are many nice restaurants, lovely places to take quiet walks, great sightseeing, wonderful balconies with rocking chairs - we thought it was just wonderful for our couples only trip. The resort was completely sold out, but the only time we were really aware of a lot of children was when we strolled around the resort and by the pool - plenty of kids there.

    If you can swing it I would second the recommendation of a 1 bedroom. The space, the king bed, the jacuzzi, and the big fridge to hold wine, cheese and fruit was all SO worth it.
  9. LMHB

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    May 17, 2001
    Thank you! That information was so helpful. Per all of your advice, I just chaged the reservation to a I BR (another post on that) , although we had to change the week. Thanks!!!!!!

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