Here's where we ate 11/7 - 11/11...(long)

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Marisa'sMom, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Marisa'sMom

    Marisa'sMom Crazy for Mickey!

    Jun 12, 2001
    We really went all out on this quick trip. We enjoyed a couple of our favorites and tried a couple of new places.

    New: Le Cellier
    It was good, but we were a little disappointed in the service and the steaks. The Chedder Cheese Soup was very good. DH tried the Chef's selection, which started with Tuna Tar-Tar, it was awesome! It had an Asian flare. The tuna was on a bed of cucumbers w/sesame seed oil, ginger and wasabe cream. We really enjoyed it! Desert was good, but again, a little disappointed. I tried the chocolate bread pudding, which was more like a brownie and DH's selection came with a Honey, something cheese cake. It was very good. DD had the cheese burger and she is never disappointed since that and Mac & Cheese are her favorite foods.

    DD Favorite: Chef Mickey's
    We also enjoy eating here. I love the prime rib and mashed pototoes. Great salad bar and dessert bar. They had some petite offerings on the dessert bar, my favorite...chocolate covered liquor cherries. Oh my...they were yummy!

    Favorite: Jiko
    DD really likes Boma much better, but she didn't do to much complaining since she knows this is one of my favorites! DH had the Quail dish, very yummy. It was made with a promigranite gravy. (not really gravy, don't know how to explain) I had the Buttermilk Curry Shrimp with rice cake. It was very good, but have enjoyed other dishes more. We had the Katamala Olive flatbread to start, always yummy! DD stuck w/Mac & Cheese:p
    For dessert DH had the Apple Gallette, he said it was okay, the cinnamon ice cream was very good and paired with the apples really well. I had the Tazmanian Chocolate Candies. Yummy! I love dark chocolate and they were filled w/dark choc. and the white choc. w/citus dipping sauce was very good! DD had the kids banana split. She loved it! How could I forget...The Kenya AA Pressed Pot?! One of our favortie things about Jiko. Never a disappointment!

    New and now a favorite!: Kona Cafe for breakfest
    Tonga Toast....oh my goodness! I'm craving it right now!:teeth:
    It was everything and more that people have talked about. It is so YUMMY! We tried the eggs benedict as well. It was okay, I'd rather have the Tonga Toast any day! Also tried the Kona Coffee Pressed Pot...very very good! We will definitely do this again.

    Very favorite: California Grill
    It was our second time eating here. I just can't say enough. Our PS was for 8 pm, but we wanted to get there in time to watch "Wishes" DH checked us in and we sat at the bar had a couple drinks and the three cheese flatbread, wonderful. Watched "Wishes" and the buzzer went off. Perfect timing!
    ::yes:: DD started w/Hearts of Romaine w/Green Goddess Dressing, she loved it. I tried the "Bonzi Roll" It was under the Sushi offerings. It was fantastic. Yellow fin tuna w/avacodo over a sushi slaw. It was dipped in tempura and cooked for just a minute. Yummy!

    DH had the Sushi sampler...Yummy! The fish is so fresh, it tastes like it was caught that day. DH had the Tuna and a wonderful Chardonay that our server recommeded. It was expensive, but very good. I dont' usually drink Chardonay DH said I had to try it, I did and it was wonderful. I had the Oak grilled filet w/mashed pototes. It was fantastic. DD had the kids fish and chips. She loved it.

    Dessert was great. DH had the sorbets, Mango, Pineapple and Kiwi. Was perfect way to end his meal. They all were very tasty. I had the the chocolate vaholla (sp) cake with white chocolate ice cream. Can we say YUMMY one more time!::yes:: DD had the apple tart, she really enjoyed it.

    I have to say the service at California Grill is by far the best of any place we've eaten. Our sever, Walter was just great.

    We really enjoyed our stay and all the wonderful food. If you have any questions...ask away.
  2. mickeymom629

    mickeymom629 DIS Veteran

    Apr 24, 2002
    Great reviews. I enjoyed all your detail. We are trying Le Cellier on our upcoming trip and I hope it's a better experience than you seemed to have had--we read such wonderful things about it here.

    We enjoyed the CG and would love to go back, maybe without the kids ;)
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  4. Daisie

    Daisie DIS Veteran

    Sep 16, 2000
    Great I'm getting hungry...and excited for my upcoming trip! I love Jiko also! That kalamata flat bread is excellent, I would take Jiko any day over Boma (sorry boma lovers)! I had the pistachio/chocolate creme brulee for dessert last time, it was so yummy! Next time I will have to try the pressed pot of coffee, sounds good!
  5. barbeml

    barbeml DIS Veteran

    Sep 8, 2002
    So glad to hear how much you enjoyed Kona Cafe! We had breakfast there 7 times last trip--DH is addicted to the press pot.

    Looking forward to having breakfast there next week.

    MOMTOMOOTOO <font color=blue>The people in Shop Rite would not

    Jan 9, 2001
    Thanks for sharing your reviews. You dined a t a few of our favorites. We are FINALLY trying California Grill for the first time and I am very excited. How was the Wishes viewing, was the music piped in? Also did you notice many children, will we be the only ones with kids?

    Thanks again,

  7. Marisa'sMom

    Marisa'sMom Crazy for Mickey!

    Jun 12, 2001
    Wishes was great! Yes, they pipe in the music. We were at MK on Saturday night and viewed from Main Street and it was neat because the fireworks look like they are right over the castle. From CG they look like they are coming more from the side. But the display makes a lot of smoke and the wind was blowing in the wrong direction on both nights...I thought we got a better view at CG. You will enjoy it either makes me want to cry!

    No problems with the children. Lots of kids! I think it is very kid friendly. It's loud in there anyway with the kitchen being in the middle of everything. Plus they choose a child to start the fireworks each night! My DD was chosen in July when we were there. She kept watching for the child to start the fireworks on Monday night, and sure enough, there was a little girl pushing all the buttons at the hostess station.:bounce:

    I know you all will enjoy it!
  8. cinmell

    cinmell <marquee><font color=blue>The first person to repl

    Jan 17, 2000
    Thank you for your reviews!
  9. Ron from Michigan

    Ron from Michigan DIS Veteran

    Aug 23, 1999
    Thanks for the great reviews. You ate at two of our favorites California Grill & Jiko, we can't wait till we eat there again next month.
  10. Minniespal

    Minniespal <img src="

    Jan 14, 2003
    Wonderful reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
  11. Uncleromulus

    Uncleromulus Plain grey will be fine

    Jan 28, 2001
    Enjoyed these reviews!! CG and JIko are also two of my favorite spots.
    Curious tho, as to what exactly went wrong at Le Cellier with the staeks and the service??
  12. Marisa'sMom

    Marisa'sMom Crazy for Mickey!

    Jun 12, 2001
    As far as Le Cellier goes, our server was very nice, but not very attentive. She seemed like she was "in the weeds" most of the time we were there. I don't mind having a leisurely dinner, but the service was very slow.

    The steaks were just okay. I guess after reading the boards, I expected them to be really fantastic and they were just pretty normal to me.

    I guess reading these boards built a certain expectation in my mind and it was not met for that meal, however on the other hand some are better than expected!:)

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