hercamore...I have a ? for you about June trips!!


Feb 9, 2000
So, you say it was very busy...just the answer I WASN'T LOOKING FOR!! Darn! However, do you think it was because of all the "hoopla" over Disneys "year 2000" celebration? I would think the crowds were alot more than the previous year...don't you?? Please say yes, you agree!! :D And then, were you staying at Portofino Bay or did you use the famous "express" ticket at all?? Maybe,since we are staying INSIDE the park, and with the highly PUBLICIZED,DRAMATIZED,...FOTL access... maybe,just maybe it will be okay. I pray this will be the case!!( I am taking a crabby teenager with us)...for that matter...a sometimes crabby husband too!Ha Ha!! ;) <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">


Barry Hom
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you will be better off than we were in June of 99. The crowds were bad and it was hot, you'll be able to deal with this with all the onsite perks, no parking delays or traffic to mess with. Just be sure to go early, leave during the middle part of the day, come back in the eve when the parks are lit up. I didn't mention that we still had a great time in spite of crowds and heat, and we had two teens with us. Be sure to take than teen to Hard Rock for a burger (the best). We are going to Universal next month and staying at HRH so we can grab a few of those perks too. We have wisened up, I guess. Have fun.


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