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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Wendydagny, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Dec 11, 2010
    My husband and I are taking another trip with our five year old daughter in late July, and I'm a bit stumped on what to choose for a few meals. We will either be on the dxdp or using tiw, and we prefer to eat table service meals. (our daughter is disabled and in a wheelchair, so it is just easier for us). We also tend to do dinners at signatures---- Disney is the one place we feel comfortable bringing our daughter (who is well behaved) for "fine" dining, so we take advantage of it!!!!

    First issue is where to eat lunch on our HS days. The issue is that dh hates the brown derby, sci fi is problematic for dd, 50spt is just not our style of food at all, and we're kind of scared to try mama melrose because of terrible reviews. The first day, we plan to go over to downtown Disney to raglan road. On the second, though, I'm torn between just trying mama melrose and trying t Rex, which my daughter would enjoy. Thoughts or other suggestions? I also thought about trying Wolfgang puck's or portobello.

    Second issue is whether to try ohana for dinner. I currently have a 6:25 pm ADR, which will work great for us. But I can't help feeling like we might be disappointed and wish we were at yachstman or what have you. I feel like this is a Disney "experience" we don't want to miss, but we might want to miss it. :lmao: thoughts?

    The other adr's I've already made for our trip include:
    Yak and yeti (L)
    California grill x2 (D)
    Chef Mickey (b)
    Le cellier (L)
    Flying fish (D)
    Raglan road (L)
    Jiko (D)
    Akershus (B)
    Via Napoli (L)
    The plaza (L)
    Narcoossee's (D)
    CRT (B)
    1900 pf (b)

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    Aug 6, 2009
    I would go for Mama Melrose- despite the reviews my family and I had a GREAT dining experience here in August for lunch. The food was wonderful and we also loved the atmosphere. It really takes away the "dining in a theme park" which we liked. We were all very satisfied. :thumbsup2

    As for Ohana, I have never been there, but I have heard wonderful things about the restaurant and the family-style food. :goodvibes
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    Oct 12, 2008
    Personally, we would rather stay in the park. Mama Melrose is not bad; I would choose it over leaving the park. However, if you think that your DD will enjoy a midday break than go to DTD for lunch.

    Ohana is a fun meal. By no means is it signature quality but it is a nice meal. It looks like you are scheduled to go to California Grill twice. I would suggest that instead of going twice you try another signature like Yachtsman and then you can eat at Ohana the other night. Just a thought.

    I have to say that you made some great choices! You are going to some of our favorites (1900 Park, CG, Y&Y, FF, VN,etc.)! :thumbsup2

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