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Jun 24, 2004
My 2 sisters and I are taking our niece and nephew to to WDW in March. It is their 2nd trip but they were 3 & 5 so she doesn't remember anything and him very little. Anyway we have bought 2 different shirts to wear as a group and my niece wants us all to match most if not all 6 days we are there! I've already paid close to $200 for the 2 each we have so buying more is out. None of us sisters have any craft talent but I thought about trying to make at least one set of tie dye Mickey shirts. Can anyone please give me step by step directions on how to do this and what type of dye to buy? I don't remember ever tie dying anything before. Thank you for any help.


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Dec 28, 2005

This thread has some detailed instructions for some mickey ear tie dye shirts...
I've seen them first hand and they are amazing.

I have a friend who does them every year and she use Dharma dye for her shirts (you can look them up).
She also tie dyes her shirts by park... so

Magic Kingdom maybe themed red, yellow, black for full Mickey theme... or she may chose an area of the park and do like pastels for fantasyland theme or greens for adventureland.. I believe she did purple, black, and green for a haunted mansion theme one time.

Animal Kingdom she has done orange, brown, and black... or of course shades of greens (or pick a ride and utilize those colors)

Hollywood Studios use shades of blues

Epcot that one would be fun.. maybe pick a country to utilize the colors from or do a shirt with gray and red..

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Best shirts to use are 100% cotton, they seem to take the dye better.

You could also buy shirts and do some printed iron ons... we have a great group of DISmembers on the board in the Creative DISigns section of the boards who share their talents... you will need to read through their stickies to make sure you follow the directions for requesting shirt ideas.


<font color=green>I had a water fun day planned<br
Jun 24, 2004
Thank you for your responses. I was talking to the kids about the tie dyed shirts and my nephew says he will NOT wear one. He is 11 and has some special needs so that is an argument I can do without. He has some texture and other clothing issues as he will not wear jeans, only sweatpants or shorts, a certain brand/style of socks etc. My niece is okay with it and suggested that we make Minnie ears for her and the aunts! I've been looking on Pintrest and have seen some that look cute and easy to make.


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Aug 15, 2007
If you want to save money and still have matching shirts, just pick a color or theme. You could just have everyone wear RED shirts one day, or Orange another (any style)...that probably could be done without any purchases.
Our family also does other non-Disney themes when we are at WDW - One day we wear UCONN Huskies gear, or another day we might each wear our favorite superhero, etc.


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