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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by imagine, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. imagine

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    Apr 11, 2006
    Ok, we are doing a last minute trip from 3/15 - 3/20 and are on the dlxDP, it is me, DH, DD (7) and DD (3) here is what I have so far. Staying at SSR, Goal is to have a relaxing trip and mix in some park hopping for the girls. We're driving so have a car. Added catch... we are waitlisted for Tues night in the middle of our stay so right now have to use all credit from Sun/Mon night up on Tues and then get a "fresh set" for Wed- Fri. Hopefully the waitlist will come through...

    Our only "have to's" are CRT and CA Grill. Any and all ideas on better places is desired!!

    Sun: arrive mid morning, planning on hitting the parks and at least part DD7 and 1 adult staying up for part of the extra magic hours.

    lunch - sci fi at 11:20
    dinner - Whispering Canyon Cafe at 7:05

    Mon: swim/be lazy

    brunch - 1900 Park Fare at 11:00

    Tues: back at parks, doesn't matter which ones and we can hop

    breakfast - in room, things like oatmeal/muffins with snack credits
    lunch: ??
    Dinner: CRT at 8:35pm. Late but best I could get. So I'm thinking nap in afternoon...

    Only have credits to do either dinner on Mon or lunch on Tues. Have thought about doing 1A and 1C counterservice at each of those as that typically fills us up with the snacks, etc. Plus we'll probably have some leftovers we could heat up for Mon night. Good or bad plan??

    Wed: swim/be lazy

    Breakfast or Lunch - want to do a 1 TS meal.. ideas??
    Dinner - 5:40 at CA Grill

    Thurs: back to the parks, back at parks, doesn't matter which ones and we can hop

    Breakfast or lunch - want to do a 1 TS meal - ideas??

    Dinner - need a good idea here, doesn't have to be at a park

    Fri - get ready to go home :sad: , no specific time to get on the road, early afternoon probably...

    Breakfast, in room, snacks

    Lunch: wondered about Downtown Disney???

    I really appreciate any ideas/help in deciding!!
  2. KatMark

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    Aug 5, 2007

    I've marked a few that we've been to that you already are talking about. Some other thoughts are: Crystal Palace for breakfast with Pooh and friends (get an 8:05 a.m. ADR so that you can have Main Street almost to yourself before the park opens); Biergarten in Germany at Epcot--buffet with lots of good choices and something for everyone and live entertainment for the kids; the Plaza Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom--we enjoy this as a change of pace after all the "heavy" meals we eat on the dining plan. Great salads and sandwiches, shakes and desserts.
  3. princess lovers mom

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    Dec 31, 2002
    you indicated that you have the DELUXE dining plan - do you realize this gives you 3 MEALS PER DAY PER PERSON plus 2 snacks!!! you do not have 3 meals scheduled daily - I think you should look at the regular meal plan 1 TS 1 CS and 1 snack

    For each night of your package stay you will enjoy three meals per person of any combination of Table Service or Quick Service dining which includes:

    Table Service Restaurants Adult: One entree, one appetizer, one dessert (juice at breakfast) and one non-alcoholic beverage OR One full buffet

    Child: One entree, one appetizer, one dessert (juice at breakfast) and one non-alcoholic beverage OR One combo meal

    Quick Serve Restaurants One entree, one dessert (juice at breakfast), and one non-alcoholic beverage OR one combo meal
    2 Snacks Choice of: a frozen novelty ice cream, popsicle or fruit bar, single serving grab bag of Frito Lay's chips, one 20 oz. bottle of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite or Dansani Water, single piece of whole fruit, medium fountain soft drink or apple juice
    Resort Refillable Drink Mug 1 per person, per package
  4. imagine

    imagine Earning My Ears

    Apr 11, 2006
    Yes I realize that, however we have a split stay due to our waitlist are are doing some 2 credit option.

    Specifically we check in on Sun, check out on Tues giving us 2 nights with results in 12 A and 12 Ch TS credits.

    On Tues we stay at another hotel, with no dining plan so no credits to use.

    On Wed we check in again at SSR for 2 nights giving us another 12A and 12 C credits.

    CRT is 2TS per person as is CA Grill.

    if our waitlist for Tues night comes through then we'll have 5 nights all together that would add an additional 6A and 6C credits.

    Right now though I have to use 12A & 12C before midnight on Tues and then 12 A and 12 C between Wed am and Fri when we leave. We like to mix in the signature so that it gets us 2 meals a day every day of our trip. Then if we have extra we'll grab some counterservice that travels well and put in the cooler for dinner on the drive home (we have a 20 hr drive...)'

    make sense??

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