Help-Desperately Need Additional Cabin!


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Nov 27, 2001
My best friend booked a trip for her, her DH and her DD. She now is frantic because she wants to bring her new baby too (5 months old) who originally was going to stay behind with grandparents. She also wants to bring along her "nanny" to keep the baby while the rest of the family tours the parks (land/sea package) and does fun stuff on the ship, etc. She contacted her travel agent (DU) to see if this was possible. Unfortunately, there wasn't one extra cabin on the entire ship. Can anyone offer any alternative plans in order for her to make this work? She was upset yesterday (tears) and I would love to be able to give her some viable alternatives to the "extra cabin" plan. Thanks so much. BTW, she leaves on Sunday (Feb 3) for WDW and her 3 day cruise departs Thursday (Feb 7).
Leave the Nanny home and use Flounder's Reef Nursery on the ship. Sorry I have no advice for the parks.
Take nanny along for the 'world' portion of the trip. And put her up in one of the cocoa beach -- beachfront hotels for the time that they are on the ship as a family. This will give the nanny a little vacation of her own also.
of leaving the baby home with grandparents? That way she could spend some "quality time" with her other child. I, personally, cannot imagine going on a cruise, or to WDW, with an infant. But each to their own I guess.


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