Help a Newbie out please! What stores have the best gc sales?


Apr 11, 2019
Hello all. New to DIS board in general, so pardon my lack of knowledge here. I've been reading posts trying to learn. We don't have a publix, stop n shop, or really much of anything good lol. The stores we have locally are Gerbes (a kroger brand), Target, walmart, lowes, best buy, walgreens, hy-vee and thats about it. About 45 miles away there is a Bed, Bath and Beyond, but no other grocery store chains. This is what happens when you live in podunk-ville USA lol. I haven't seen any posts yet about how to score deals on gift cards here, other than red card at target. Am I missing some? I plan to look at Gerbes to see if they have the happy cards.. But I don't recall ever seeing sales there on gift cards. But tbh I haven't looked. Oh, we also have a sams. Since SB closed the best buy loophole on disney cards, I haven't found my next best option yet.


DIS Veteran
Sep 25, 2015
Of the places you've mentioned, Target is your best bet. If you follow the big gift card thread, you may find ideas and other opportunities there that work with your local stores or an online deal. The best savings opportunities change on a weekly, daily, sometimes even hourly basis, so following that thread will keep you apprised of the latest deals other DISers have found.


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