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    Apr 28, 2005

    I have a question from those of you who have done the HCG weight loss program.

    I have done two rounds of it last year, that combined with exercise in between has given me a 60 lb weight loss. I haven't done it in about 6 months and I have not gained any of my weight back.

    I am looking t do it again, I am still 50 lbs from my goal weight but the place locally that was selling the HCG products has gone up. Have any of you gotten it online and if so, what is a reputable website?

    I appreciate all your help!
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    Sep 7, 2000
    I'm on my 2nd round now, and hoping to lose another 30 lbs (I lost 65 the first round).

    I use hcgslimxpress.com clinics; I know you can order it from other internet sources, but I like the fact that the HCG is from the USA and not another country and I also like the body comp tests and nutritional support information I get through the in-person clinic. However, they also ship HCG to places outside of their service area.

    I'm pleased to hear you have been able to maintain your loss; I was on from July through January and took a break until just this week as I seem to develop an immunity (this clinic doesn't see immunity as a problem for most...) During the time off, I was able to stay within 8 lbs of my lowest weight--but I found that I have to walk on a daily basis to stay right at my lowest weight and still avoid most starchy carbs, especially wheat products.

    You can also do a search for the HCG Yahoo group or Delmen on UTube as he has put together a pretty reasonable priced internet source for HCG.

    Best to you,
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    Oct 24, 2003
    I get my hcg from alldaychemist.com! It is from another country but works great! I take it sublingually too. No way could I stick myself with a needle:lmao:. I just finished Phase2 and am now waiting out the 72 hours before I start phase 3. I had to cut my round short because I knocked over my bottle and lost six days on Phase 2. I've lost 18.0lbs in 32 days. I'm planning on a second round in June after I finish phase 3 and phase 4 and after we return from our Disney trip. There's noway I could do this diet while at disney!!!LOL

    Also there is a forum I belong to called 4hcgsuccess.com. You might have to google it. Lots of good info to be found there.

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