Have you made your own pin bag/book?


Apr 28, 2001
I'm wondering, how do people make their own pin bags. What supplies do you use? What technique do you use? What has worked for you? and what hasn't worked?

Inquiring minds need to know! (I know, I posted this on the old board, but now we need to start again.)

Chris:p :jester:


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Feb 1, 2000
I made pages that fit in a notebook. I bought felt squares. I bought the ones that were cut already because i can't even cut a straight square. I sewed velcro on the edge leaving about 1/2 inch off from the edge. then turn the velcro away from each other onto the outside of the two squares and sew along the other three sides, making an envelope. The velcro will keep the envelope together but you can get into it easily to grab out a pin. Turn the envelope right side out and use a grommet maker to put 3 holes along the sewn edge.
I used the stiff felt available in craft stores inside the envelope to keep the pin backs from rubbing each other.
I also bought a very lightweight black lining fabric and made pages to use inbetween the envelope pages I made. These protect the pins form bumping each other. You could use the foam sheets but the lining fabric is thinner.
Lots of collectors use the foam sheets but I never liked the look for a permanant book. Peggie

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Nov 14, 1999

Did you ever calculate what your book cost you?

I've thought about a similar style, but when I start totaling up the cost of the materials, consider a little for time to acquire materials and assemble . . . I start thinking that the WDW/DL bags are just about worth it.

And then I have a different dilemna at the moment. I really need a small or medium bag. Any home made technique will require additional cutting, because most of the materials mentioned come in 8/5 x 11 inches.

Just some of the stuff whirling through my mind . . .:eek:


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Jan 2, 2001
Hi, I used soft sided zippered CD cases. They are the size of one CD. I inserted a piece of posterboard inside each CD spot and push the pins right through that. It gives it some support. I then cut small pieces of white felt to put between the pages. This book only holds about 25 pins, but its perfect for the park as it fits in my large fanny pack. I decorated them with disney paper which I made into stickers with my xyron which is a scrapbooking tool. Good Luck with yours. Mine cost about 3 bucks as I had the CD books from a promotional deal.

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Nov 14, 1999
It seems to me that I have seen several different types, some even have some padding to the individual sleeves. I know that we have at least one somewhere in the house that has a shoulder strap too.

I'm going to check out some of the discount departments stores (Wal-Mart, KMart, Target) and see if I find something with some padding and a shoulder strap. If I come across something suitable, I'll post a "heads up" message.


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Dec 28, 1999
Had a chance to see the one that Mickey527 made and it looks very professional. Great idea!:D


Humpbacks1962 on Pinpics
Feb 15, 2001
I liked her idea as well. She was so resourceful!

I only thought about framing my pins and never really intended to carry them in a binder. But it is definitely a convenience if you have several pins to trade or just want to show off your collection.

I'll definitely have to come up with something like that before our next pin meet so I can show off my toys :p
I am just not too much into trading. I concentrate on getting the pins I like to wear or framing them. If I see an "extra" for a good price, I buy it just to be in the game.


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