Has anyone ever bid from this site?


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Mar 15, 2001
Hi everyone,

I'm not sure which board I should post this on, the Budget board or Orlando Hotels and Attractions, so I will post both places and leave it to the moderator to lock one of the threads.

Today I received my Orlando Vacation Information package and ran across a website that I've just checked out. Click here http://www.ibidusa.com/CityMain.asp?CityID=1&image3.x=54&image3.y=9 to visit the site. This site allows you to bid on different things in the Orlando area. The categories are Entertainment, Accommodations, Orlando Magic and Solar Bears tickets, Shopping and Services, Attractions, Health and Spa Services, Restaurants, and Sports and more. The prices look to be very good to me.

I wanted to post the URL for anyone who might be interesting in the site, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience dealing with this company? Are there hidden costs that you don't find out about until after you've won an auction?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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