Great to be back at Bonnet Creek - Live Trip Report with photos!

Clare D

Minnie Mania
Mar 7, 2005
What a great trip and I've loved reading your TR.

I'm jealous that you've had 24 days here, we could do with a few more extra days that's for sure as we are flying home today :sad2:


May 20, 2014
Do the younger generation know Star Wars, I know Mathew doesn't but I guess that's because I dislike it.
Mainly because of star wars lego - but as next year and for the next 6 years theres going to be a star wars movie out every year - episodes 7,8 & 9 plus three spin offs (like a stand alone boba fett movie) - its only going to get bigger.

think what disney have done with the avengers and the stand alone ironman/thor/cap america movies.


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