Going crazy finding a pin!

hockey mom

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Oct 2, 2000
My DD has the complete Tombstone card of "Nightmare Before Christmas Tenth Anniversay" except for one pin. I have been searching e-bay for months, checked all the traders books on our last 2 trip to Disney and checked the stores with no luck.

It is pin #24962- Lock, Shock and Barrel. Does anyone know if only a certain smaller # of these were made? Anyone happen to have an extra? ;)

Should I give up the search?

Thanks everyone.


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Jan 2, 2000
According to Pin Pics there were 1500 made and there are 22 traders who have it for trade.

You may want to try the Trading Assistant on Pin Pics and see if you have anything to trade for it. You never know when you will be holidng someone's holy grail.

Good luck!


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