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Earning My Ears
Jan 27, 2009
There is a thread asking about whether or not you can take these on the plane. My question is why do we need these? This is my first trip and if there is somthing cool I don't know about, please share!!!
We are bringing them to entertain our children at night and also so that when we are at night time shows/events like Fantasmic they wont want to buy them from the vendors that sell them in the parks.
I thought it would be a fun addition to our trip.
In all the parks as it starts to get dark there are carts that sell glow sticks, glow necklaces, twirly lights with characters on them and all kinds of light up stuff for the kids. The necklaces and bracelets start at $5.00 each the twirly lights start at about $14. So lots of people my family included bring their own.

Not to worry if they aren't allowed on a plane which I don't think they are. All the Dollar Stores, Supermarkets, Drugstores, and Major Chain stores in the area sell them in a package.

If you have a car and can get to WAl-Mart after you get here they have packs in their party section for $0.88.

Hope that helps.
I brought them for my DD. She didn't want them - she wanted a lighted twirley thing from a cart vendor.

So now I don't bother - I just pick up what she wants from a cart vendor if she wants something. She never wants the plain basic stuff.
When we went to Fantasmic we saw a lot of people wearing them. They seem really expensive for something that going to die in a day. I had my Tinkerbell cup and straw and used the light up Tink as my glow piece. It at least has batteries. If you think your kids will like them buy them and pack them in your check in luggage. Then the night you go to Fantasmic pop them out as a surprise.:wizard:
We used them at every park at night. It is just easier to sport your little one
just in case they wonder a little to far. :scared:

They are very popular for the night parades and shows. I like to bring them from home so yours is a little different and stands out from the ones they sell. ;)

We had the pinks ones we bought from Wal-Mart after Halloween. Very cheep. :)
I know at Target every so often they sell a tube of 10 bracelets for a buck in the dollar section. I've seen those spinning light up things in toy stores as well, cheaper than the ones at Disney...

I bet you could check the glow bracelets in your luggage...
We used them every night of our trip. They were especially fun to have at Spectro, Wishes and Illuminations. My kids loved them. They never once asked for any of the ones from the vendor cart. I would load them up with bracelets and necklaces, and they would share them with the kids around us. I found them at the dollar store and Michael's.
I was just in the parks, and took glow sticks. I got 200 8" sticks with connectors, including shipping off ebay for just under $20. TOTALLY worth it. We had a large group, with three under-10's, and having everyone where a glow bracelet, necklace, headband, etc made them very spottable in the dark. AND, it was big entertainment for the kids while waiting for the parade/ride/show were we doing once it got dark. None of the kids asked for any of the other glow things being sold - they were so thrilled with the sticks we had.

I DID carry some on the plane. I had about 25 wrapped in plastic wrap, then stiffened with a few layers of packing tape (and my Pampered Chef ceramic cutter thingie to get into them) and I was fully prepared to give them up if necessary. They were never mentioned. I think that will completely depend on the security you're going thru... I've found that small airports are MUCH, MUCH more picky about what goes thru the line.

The rest were in the cardboard tube they arrived in in my suitcase, checked.

I will absolutely bring them again. They were actually a little heavy to cart around, but we had a stroller. :)
I always bring glow sticks to Disney World. I get a pack of 15 for $1 at Micheal's (they come in a handy cardboard tube with connectors so they can be made into bracelets, necklaces, headbands, etc...). I usually bring all 15 into the park at night and give them away to people one by one. It's a nice way to make people happy and see some smiles!:cutie: (CMs like getting them too!)
We packed them in our regular luggage, not our carry ons. We actually forgot to use them so I saved them for the 4th of July haha.

But I purchased about 5 of them at my dollar store b/c there was NO WAY I was spending that much $. I also got lucky and got one of those spinny things that light up with Cinderella on the top at my Disnet Store Outlet, I think it was only $3.00!
and also some light up Disney pins we found at Dollarama. They had Nemo, Mickey, Minnie, all of the Winnie characters, too.

We used the bracelets back at the hotel to make a "Mickey" head to put in the window. The kids loved the glow in the dark Mickey and it was a cute decoration for passersby!
Before I found this thread, I had TOTALLy planned on bringing glow necklaces! I think it will be fun for DS4 to wear at night, and who knows? I might even wear one myself! They're just fun, and why pay the extra $$$ if you don't have to?

Just be careful how you pack them so that they aren't accidentally activated before you're ready to wear them!
We got some for our trip at Dollar Tree-

Just be aware- the lady at the check out said quite a few of the glow items were recalled by manufacturers- she said she had to make sure we could purchase them by scanning- but our items weren't on the list. No idea which brands were recalled- but just to be safe- make sure your kids don't chew on them...
I have purchased glow sticks from Dollar Tree for DGS age 6, but have yet to see any spinny things. Somehow I think Grandma's gonna be splurging for a spinny thing at Disney.....


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