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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by donutday, Oct 5, 2009.

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    We have an 8:15 a.m. Crystal Palace reservation on an 8 - 9 a.m. Extra Magic Hours morning during Christmas week, but we are staying off property. We have never stayed off site before. Will we have any trouble getting into the parking lot? How early should we aim to arrive at the Worldd to get in, parked, through security, and to the gate with extra time to get to CP?
    Anyone have any experience with traffic that early in Christmas week?
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    There has been debate about this on a couple of other threads. Many feel that the ADR is enough to get you in the park during morning EMH. I'm in no position to say they're wrong, since I certainly don't have the definitive answer, but this is official Disney policy for morning EMH (from their website):

    How Extra Magic Hours Work:

    •Morning Hours – Arrive up to an hour before the designated Disney Theme Park is scheduled to open and show your valid Theme Park ticket and Resort I.D. at the Theme Park turnstiles.

    And this was a response from Cheshire Figment, who works at Disney, on the subject:

    "They do not use wristbands any more for any EMH. Technically only people who have a REsort ID are allowed to enter during morning EMH.

    If you have a reservation for breakfast prior to Park opening and it is Morning EMH it is my opinion (not know fact) that you will not be allowed in unless your reservation is at CRT. Even though your name is on the list of people with ADRs, there is no way to penalize you for coming in with your name on the list and then going over to attractions. The reason CRT may have an exception is it is prepaid and if you are a no-show you wll lose the payment you made.

    For Evening EMH even if you have a reservation, you will not be allowed into a restaurant during the MH period unless you have a Resort ID."

    So there are certainly differing positions on this. It seems to me that, if they let in anyone with an ADR for morning EMH, there would be nothing to stop people from bagging their ADR (at least the ones that don't require a credit card guarantee, which many do not) and simply going to the attractions that are open to resort guests. I know that one person said they called Disney dining, who said that it wouldn't be a problem. But we all know how often CMs have come up with conflicting information. It would make me nervous, since this is contrary to stated Disney policy, and I would hate to have someone show up for their ADR and be refused admission because they aren't a resort guest.
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    I hope we don't have a problem...we have an 830 at Crystal Palace on Christmas morning...made by calling -- not online...and the CM knew we were not staying onsite (the official park opening is 9--its an EMH day).

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