Genie+ Return Times


May 9, 2019
Is anyone else really intrigued to see what they start to look like after today, when it's day of purchase only? I'm curious on so many levels. Whether Disney will start limiting the purchase of Genie+, whether the price will increase, whether the hassle or having to buy day of will deter some guests, etc, and most of all, how all of this might impact return times. We have a trip in late July (with Genie+ added to our package before they made the announcement regarding the change), so I'm on pins and needles kind of to see if this will change how the tip board looks until we arrive.


DIS Veteran
Feb 12, 2020
I have to expect it's not going to be much different than it was before. I have no clue what percentage of people bought G+ for the length of stay - what, perhaps 50%? Maybe a bit more? As AP holders, we've done day-of since it started. And we have several families we know that didn't feel they needed G+ for every day of their trip and just buy it day-of. It's not very tough to do. My initial reaction is that this might lead to less people buying it - just buying it the days they want to use it and not pay extra for days they don't need it. But come 7AM when the LL windows open, seems to me it'll be very much like it's been. Not sure why Disney would even consider limiting the people buying it - they don't guarantee access to all the attractions, so as long as there are open LL times in a particular park, seems to me they'll sell the G+ option that day.


DIS Veteran
Sep 28, 2010
I think there will be no noticeable difference, or perhaps it might be a little worse for awhile - the announcement of no pre purchase caused a bit of panic buying, so more people probably have it for upcoming trips than what would be normal.