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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by WhitGB, Nov 8, 2009.

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    Southwest is new to the Milwaukee area as of 11/1 and I have a few questions. If anyone has links for me instead of answering here that would be welcome also.

    So here comes a few questions:

    We are scheduled for an April trip to MCO that I have not yet booked, it looks like I can get the flights for $89 each way, which seems fair. Now, I understand (or would like to) that if the flight fare changes in my favor I can get a credit good for 1 year. So, how do you do this? If the ding comes and works for me, do I rebook and then get a refund? Do I have to modify my current flight? Is this by phone or on-line?

    One more question, if I were to book the flight, only to find we could not travel, can I get a refund or credit for furture use from my April tickets? We are for certain going in October but April is still a little in the air. If we can cancel/get a credit, how do we do this? Call? On line?

    Thanks for any help. I read and re-read the southwest site and cannot seem to find these answers so I thought you guys could help with your wealth of information.

    Thanks to everyone in advance.
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    You can both rebook the same flight at a cheaper rate or cancel a flight from the SWA website by clicking on Travel Tools. If you want to rebook the same flight at a lower Wanna Get Away fare select Change Air Reservations. Enter your confirmation number and you will have the option of selecting the same flight at the cheaper rate. If the new fare you want to book is a DING you have to cancel the old reservation and rebook with the DING fare. To cancel a reservation select Cancel Air Reservation on the Travel Tools menu. Enter you confirmation number and confirm that you want to cancel. If you rebook a cheaper flight the difference in the price will remain on account in ticketless travel funds for a year from the date of your original booking. Same thing if you cancel a flight. The only way to get a refund is to book the more expensive Business Select or Anytime fares. If you prefer to call SWA they can make any of these changes for you as well. Hope that helps.
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    Yes, if you would have to cancel, you would be able to use those funds for your October trip. As the PP pointed out, it is for 12 months from the original booking date. So if you book today, you would have til this date next year to complete your travel... The only way SW give an actual refund is if you purchase business select tickets, which are their highest priced ones.

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