From off-site, to Chef Mickeys, to a park........

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by marshallandcartersmo, May 18, 2008.

  1. marshallandcartersmo

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    Jun 16, 2005
    Not sure if I should put this on the transportation board or not? :confused3

    Trying to plan a breakfast at Chef Mickeys........

    We're staying off-site (Westgate Lakes), do we park our cars at the park that we're going to that day and then take the monorail/bus/boat/tram to Chef Mickeys????

    How long from Chef Mickeys to each park? I know that's a vague question, but with November hours not out yet :scared1: I'm having a heck of a time picking which park to go to which day.......and time from Chef Mickeys to each park would help me pick which morning to have our breakfast. We're going Thanksgiving week, so being at the parks at opening is important!!!
  2. septbaby

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    May 23, 2007
    I would plan Chef Mickey's on the day you plan to visit MK. In that case just park at MK and either walk or take the monorail to the Contemporary. I also believe you could park at the Contemporary for the duration of your meal and then move your car to your park of the day. If you book an early bfast time that would be your best option as I'm not sure what time you'd be allowed on the park lot as an off site guest.
  3. thelobstershanty

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    For MK, you park at the Transportation and Ticket center and then take a boat or monorail to the MK. Since you want to go to Chef Mickey's first I would park at T&T and then take the resort monorail to the Contemporary for breakfast and then the park monorail to MK.
  4. mrsR123

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    If after you see park hours you decide to do a different park than MK, know that you may park at the Contemporary for two hours or so while you eat at CM's. Keep to the right at the parking booths where it says MK area resorts and follow the signs. You cannot stay there all day-- you'll get towed-- and flamed here for even discussing it.

    If you will be at MK, though, park at the TTC as another poster suggested.

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