Free WDW cd-rom


Apr 8, 2001
Has anyone received their free wdw cd-rom yet? Ordered mine three or four weeks ago and no sign of it yet.
I happened to catch this the first day it was available - and I still don't have it! I ordered it because my video hadn't arrived after 3 full months!

My video did finally arrive & in one piece! I was surprised, since my sister's & almost daughter in-law's did not - but mine didn't work!

Waiting, waiting, waiting....
What is this Deal?? I haven't heard about it????

In the official disney site, in the vacations area you can ask a free planning video or CD-ROM, before only was the video, but now you can choose.

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Saludos desde Mexico! ... wish it were Epcot's.

I ordered the CD about a month ago but they sent me another video. Same thing happened to my sister. Has anyone received the CD? Just wondering if it's worth trying to re-order.

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Same here -- ordered probably over a month ago, and have not rec'd it.
But I also ordered a DLP brochure around three months ago and never rec'd that either! :rolleyes:

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About a month and still waiting for my CD. I have to say, though, I think it's truly funny that those of us who probably need that CD the least are the ones biting our nails till we get it.! ;)

So sgt disney what is the thing like? does it just give you the same thing as the video?

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