free $20 card

Thank you so much! Just completed the survey and got the gift card.:)
I had seen this on another site and when I tried it then, it took FOREVER to load the pages, but this time it went by quick! I hope that it comes!! :)


Thanks!! I just got the gift card. What a treat!!
Thanks!!!!:) Got the giftcard, or will in about 4 weeks. What a way to spend a Saturday night!!!:D

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Thanks. Haven't shopped there before, but I saw a 9-11 bracelet for $20.
Thanks sooooo Much!! Looking for new Deep-fitted sheets and I saw some I wanted yesterday at a Macy's store, so I'm sure I could wait and use this on line! (Or buy something for my next Disney trip and forget the new sheets!!)
Gotta love these boards! Thanks again..
I did it and I got one, too! I'm surprised there were still some available.
Thanks so much!!! I just filled out the survey and was told to expect the certificate in 4 weeks. I think they are offering more than 500 certificates since it is now Monday morning and they are still claiming to have certificates available.
Thanks for the heads up... unfortunately I saw it too late:( :( :(

As of 8:10pm eastern, it's no longer available.

Anyone receive their gift card yet? They should be arriving soon.
Didn't get mine yet- I totally forgot about it!
I filled it out a week or two ago. Does anybody know if they will come by e-mail or snail mail?


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