FOTL ? Only lasts two hours


Mar 21, 2001
The cheapest rate I've found for this hotel is 189.00 a night and it said the FOTL is only from 9-11 am and is not valid on all rides? Is the hotel really worth that much money for only two hours of fotl that's not valid on all rides?
Which hotel???Y

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2 hours is plenty of time to ride all the big attractions. We did it and it was great. You have to move with pace but we rode stuff twice even. We ended up at the dragons and rode about 5 or 6 times. People were so jealous!
Call Hard Rock and get the entertainment rate. I did and it is 117.
I just returned from IOA on Thursday. We stayed at the Portofino and had FOTL access the entire day. Never had a problem. We didn't even get tot he park until almost 11am. FOTL is a great perk! I don't think I could ever wait in line again! LOL


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We also just returned from our stay at the HRH, and for guests staying on-site, FOTL is all day, which is good for us because we wanted leasurely mornings on this vacation and never got to the park before 10:30.
Later at night there were no more universal pass entries given out after a certain time, and my DH and teen walked right onto the Hulk. Pretty good for a few days before Easter!


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