For those who stream exclusively


Apr 1, 2008

Cable (basic cable + all the movie channels + DVR + 2 cable boxes) + landline + home internet = $240
Hulu (without commercials) = $12
Netflix - $8
Total = $260

Now - DirecTVNow + all movie channels(with 20 hrs of DVR) = $71
Hulu (without commercials) = $12
Netflix - $8
Home internet - $50
Total = $141

Could we drop it lower? Yes. But we like the availability of live streaming tv and DW watches a lot of shows on the movie channels.

We have Amazon Prime too - but it is for the shipping not for the tv.

I hemmed and hawed about cutting cable for YEARS - but honestly, there hasn't been anything that we are missing. The interface is a little more cumbersome (ie. some shows we watch on Hulu without commercials and some we have to DVR) but it is worth saving the $120/month


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